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Revamped Secure 2022: Daily Answer Writing Initiative by InsightsIAS


Dear students,

As part of our Mission 2022 Secure, we are making a few changes and upgradations to Our  most applauded daily Answer Writing Initiative. It is aimed at making Secure more beginner friendly as well as more rewarding for consistent veterans while ensuring a holistic development of your answer writing as well as knowledge. Here at the details of the changes which will be implemented from 16th August, 2021:


  1. For Beginners: Many students who want to start answer writing, do not know how or where to begin with. We have a simple solution for it.
    1. Each secure question will be rated in to Easy/Moderate/Tough questions based on its relative difficulty level. Beginners can start with Easy questions, then move on to moderate and then to tough question. Veterans can attempt the questions irrespective of the difficulty of the question.
    2. At least, Two questions out of seven will be framed in easy category so that beginners should be able to write an answer in a minimal time.
    3. We will try and provide more additional sources of information from where as to a beginner may answer the questions with relatively minimum efforts.
    4. Over a period of time, you can attempt more number questions as well as questions of various levels of difficulty.


  2. Recognizing Consistency for veterans and beginners:
    1. In order to recognize your efforts to build a habit of answer writing, our review team will make note of those who are writing answers consistently and with good quality overall.
    2. Along with pinning the best answers on daily basis, at the end of every week we will post the names top three students for that corresponding week.
    3. The criteria for the top three would be the effort at consistent answer writing (number of questions answered in the week) as well as quality of your answers. This will be considered by our expert review team to select the best three amongst you and they will also consider what your peers feel about your answers.


  3. Ethics reorientation: For organized revision and answer writing practice of GS-IV part, we are addressing one major part of GS-IV per day. We have divided the subject as follows:
    1.  Philosophical Mondays: On every Monday, questions will be on moral thinkers and philosophers. Both theoretically direct as well as applied questions will be asked.
    2. Conceptual Tuesdays: Tuesday, will be for various conceptual questions mentioned in your syllabus and you can solve them to get greater conceptual clarity and hold over the subject.
    3. Quotes Wednesdays: Every year, in GS-IV mains two quotes are being asked wherein you need to explain the quotes in your own words. Wednesday’s GS-IV secure questions will deal with it.
    4. Abstract Thursdays: All the abstract type of questions will be posed to you on Thursdays.
    5. Case study Friday: Friday is for case studies and you will have to write an answer to case studies, which tests both understanding of the subject as well as problem solving skills of the students.


Saturday Revision Test:

    1. As part of our GS mini-revision test on every Saturday, ten questions will be asked. Five questions will be new and five will repeated from the previous week’s secure questions. Questions will be asked from Static syllabus as well as Current Affairs. This will help you revise and as well as attempt new questions. Five questions of ten marks and five questions of fifteen marks each will be asked.
    2. Ethics Mini Test on every Saturday will comprise of 5 Questions and will be based on the Syllabus given.
    3. This will help you to do effective revision of secure questions as well as write a test in a time bound manner. You can evaluate your performance and improve your answer writing skills on a regular basis.


Our only request to you is that, BE CONSISTENT. Answer writing is a skill which develops and improves as you write more and more. Initially, it seems a bit difficult. But remember every topper was once a beginner. Your attitude to embrace the challenges defines your progress. However to motivate freshers to write consistently, we have re-oriented our secure initiative to make it as beginner friendly as possible. If you are a veteran, do not stop, leave no stone unturned till you get a rank and write with more consistency as well as work on improving your weak areas.

Start with the practice of answer writing and master it over a period of time. We have numerous toppers talks in our website as well as their interviews on YouTube which bears testimony to the importance of answer writing. InsightsIAS, the pioneer in answer writing, is with you in this endeavor. We are giving you daily questions as well as time bound synopsis for your self-evaluation and learning. Make the most of it and achieve your goal of being a civil servant.

All the best!