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[InstaMotivation@9pm] CLASS 


Don’t gloat in victory, 

or pout in failure; 

Don’t brag of your conquests and possessions; 

Be considerate to the less fortunate and 

Graceful with the defeated; 

Suffer you must, but without a murmur of 


Choose well in your taste and avoid ostentation, 

Showmanship, and buffoonery; 

Let your actions, achievements, and accompaniments 

Speak for you at the expense of your mouth; 

Do and acquire what you like and not things 

You value highly for their impressions on others; 

And if they impress others, then let it be; 

Stay in synch with your energy and mood, 

While remaining polite, respectful, and responsible; 

Listen well to your conscience and follow 

The moral dictates of your natural way; 

Although not perfect, try to do as many of these 

As often as you can and will; 

If so, you will earn an air of distinction and class 

That birth, money, power, and status alone 

Cannot bestow.