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[UPSC CSE 2020] Interview Transcript 5



(Reads out the DAF aloud to the members. Confirms my photo)

1. What were you doing after engineering?

2. Did you face any discrimination as you come from Assam/NE?

3. How did you find the culture of Vellore/VIT University?

4. Reasons for Assam-Mizoram clash.

4.1 Solutions to them? Specific solutions, as I am a native.

4.2 Blockade situation at the border. Can Assam do it?

4.3 If made DC/DM of Cachar, what would you do?

4.4 Role of centre.

  1. What your Society/NGO does? (I am part of an NGO)


Member 1:

Topics: After Engg, Insurgency in NE/Assam.

1. Is it necessary to stay in Delhi for preparation? How can one prepare from remote areas?

2. Reasons for insurgency in North East?


Member 2:

Topics: Geography, Education of marginalized.

1. What are the topics you like in geography?

2. Tell us about Urban Geography, with examples.

3. How will improve the women education among SCc/STs/Muslims? Give specific solutions.


Member 3:

Topics: Photoshop(Hobby), Insurgency in NE/Assam, Mechanical engg.

1. Size of Photoshop software? Can it be made lighter? How? Do you develop apps? (Interruption by Member 5, corrected by Chairman as well as Member 4 in my favour)

2. Some dialogue from Assam agitation. Didn’t hear of it. Said sorry.

3. Some term from Mechanical engg.

4. How many insurgent groups in North East/Assam?

5. What is Chicken’s Neck?

6. What is IoT?


Member 4:

Topic: Privatization of Higher Education in India.

1. No Indian HE institutes from India is in top 200. Shouldn’t we privatize them?

2. Why are they ranked poorly?

3. Comparison with MIT, Harvard.

4. Is present system Ok? What are the alternatives?



Thank you. Your interview is over.