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[Reminder] Intensive Bridge-Course for GS1 MAINS starts from tomorrow (26th July)







Starts from 26th July 2021

Fee: 9750/- including GST

Early Bird Offer: 10% discount till 25th July 2021

(Note: Early bird discount of 10% is extended till 25th July on popular request)

Old Subscriber Discount: 10% discount

Mode : Online Only




Dear all,

We Hope everyone is safe, healthy and vaccinated. The recent bridge-course launched at Insights for GS 2 has received tremendous response and there is an increasing demand from the student community to start a bridge-course for GS-1 Mains paper (India Heritage and Culture, History and Geography of the world and Society). Hence, we have decided to launch a bridge-course for complete GS-1 syllabus.

As everyone realizes that GS-1 mains syllabus is very bulky, you have several different subjects clubbed into one and one has to read big books to complete the subtopics (Believe us, we have seen people take 2 months to cover just one subtopic of World history itself.). Notes making is yet another headache. We at the course will make our sincere attempt to simplify the syllabus and reduce your load at reading and note making.

Furthermore, since this paper has parts of the subtopics that overlaps with the prelims paper, students approach this paper with the confidence from having studied these subjects for prelims. But they fail to realize that mains part of GS-1 needs a different orientation and a theme based approach to study and not factual and event-based approach that we study for prelims. This is the main reason why our students fail to score good marks in GS-1 paper in spite of writing 2 or 3 mains. This thematic approach to the paper and mains orientation to the subtopics will be the strategy we will focus in the upcoming bridge-course.

In addition to the above, revising the complete paper effectively, writing the answers in GS-1 specific language are some areas we will focus on so that once the course is done, the students are equipped with finite sources to read, revise and write many answers as possible.

As Prelims is approaching fast, it’s the right time to end your mains preparation with GS-1 and start your prelims preparation. The GS-1 syllabus allows smooth transition to start your preparation for prelims.

As a Bonus feature, we will have our prelims expert Thanmay sir who will take a session on prelims specific strategy and how to kickstart your preparation for prelims once the bridge course for GS-1 ends.

So, we look forward to see you at the session. Till then, Study well, Stay Safe.


Course Features:

  • Covers entire GS-1 (Very Bulky syllabus!!) in 60 hrs.
  • Basic understanding of the syllabus
  • Theme based approach to tackle this bulky syllabus
  • Analysis of Previous Years Questions
  • Notes Making Techniques (To revise effectively)
  • Answer writing techniques (Common Template approach to tackle unconventional questions)
  • Unique Sprint test at the end of each day (to enhance speed and answer writing skills)
  • Current issues around the GS-1 syllabus will be covered.

Bonus Session

  • One session by our prelim’s expert Thanmay sir on how to tackle prelims 2021, how to make your study plan for the next 60 days for prelims.


Watch the Video to know more about the course




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