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Clean Ganga Fund

Topics Covered: Conservation related issues.

Clean Ganga Fund:


Ministry of Jal Shakti has informed that as on March 2021, funds of more than Rs 450 crore have been deposited in the Clean Ganga Fund.


About CGF:

  • It has been setup as a trust under the Indian Trust Act, 1882.
  • It will allow resident Indians, Non Resident Indians (NRIs) and Persons of Indian Origins (PIOs), Corporates (Public as well as private sector) to contribute towards the conservation of the river Ganga.
  • The contributions to Clean Ganga Fund falls within the purview of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity as defined in Schedule VII to the Companies Act, 2013.


The following activities are offered under CSR:

  1. Ghats Construction /Modification / Extension.
  2. Cleaning of Ghats.
  3. Providing Amenities at important Ghats.
  4. Crematoria Construction / Modification / Extension.
  5. Ganga Gram.
  6. Bioremediation of Nallas & Drains.
  7. Information Education Communication (IEC) Activities.
  8. River Surface Cleaning using Trash Skimmers.
  9. Solid Waste Management.
  10.  Tree Plantation.


Significance of Clean Ganga Fund:

  • It is an initiative to harness the enthusiasm of people for Ganga and to bring them closer to the Ganga and inculcate a sense of ownership.
  • It involves major organizations and general public at large who are coming forward to contribute to the Ganga fund which strengthens the Mission to achieve the objective of a clean and healthy Ganga.



Prelims Link:

  1. About CGF.
  2. What is NMCG.
  3. About NGRBA.

Mains Link:

Write a note on efforts taken up by Government of India for the conservation of river Ganga.

Sources: PIB.