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Importance of Consistency


It is very normal for any IAS aspirant to face setbacks in their preparation journey. Most aspirants face issues of self-doubt, fear, anxiety, distractions, procrastination, pressures induced by expectations from many quarters, deviating from a plan, going for multiple approaches and ending up following none etc. 

This results in delaying the success you deserve to get in minimum attempts possible. The solution is to practice consistency in what you do – consistency in following a routine, consistency in having faith in your mentor/teacher/website, consistency in revisions and writing practice, consistency in believing in your abilities and consistency in staying detached from the outcomes. 

To be consistent you must be strong in and out. So strong that nothing in this world should deter you from what you believe in and what you are pursuing. You must be so strong that any number of failures should be welcomed as beautiful life experiences. It’s the attitude of having strong faith in your abilities and in the abilities of your mentors or teachers that will ultimately ensure consistency.

It’s common for many of you to either promise yourself or promise others that you are going to do the right things from now onwards and then break these promises. It’s common to assure yourself –  ‘I will write every day’ – and then after a few days stop writing any answers. You are not alone. This happens with the majority of you. Nobody can be perfectly consistent. What is needed is putting all efforts to stay as much consistent as possible.

Hard work beats talent hands down. Hard work that is consistent and is in the right direction is a sureshot way to success. When you are in self doubt, always do the right  thing that gets the result. The right thing is mostly the difficult thing that many of you abstain from practicing. Go for the difficult path (regular answer writing, making notes, solving questions, revisions, chasing mentors etc)

You know that you have the ability to not only crack this exam but also to face and overcome even bigger challenges. All you need is a little push from your own conscience and an ability to withstand every distraction/setback that comes your way.

Say not to procrastination. Say not to laziness. Say not to self-doubts. You are way more powerful to ignore these negative aspects and push yourself to do bigger things in life. Go for it.