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[Timetable] INSTA REVISION PLAN 3.0 for Prelims 2021 starts from 2nd August 2021


Dear all,
InsightsIAS commends the grit that each one of you have shown in Insta Revision Plan 1.0 and 2.0 to improve your competency. Postponement of Prelims by UPSC has been a blessing in disguise with 4 months added to EQUIP yourself for the exam.

We sincerely believe that each one of you have been utilizing this brief hiatus wisely by preparing for Mains along with prelims.

It’s now time for you to shift gears for swift and smooth transition to full-fledged Prelims Preparation.

The much awaited Insta Revision Plan 3.0 commences from 2nd August 2021. In this regard, we are giving the timetable early so that you are ready to take on the “bull by its horns”.



The Revision timetable is carefully curated keeping in mind the best interest of our students and with extensive research and thorough analysis of the previous year Question Paper trends of UPSC. Accordingly, each subject has been allotted a specific timeframe to aid students in completing the syllabus (with standard sources) comprehensively. The focus has been laid on multiple revisions as practice makes a man/woman perfect


Timetable is carefully crafted to include

  • Comprehensive coverage of syllabus with 3 Revisions.
  • Two times revision of InsightsIAS Prelims test series – Subject-wise test series and the Text book based test series both aligned with the revision timetable.
  • Two Revisions of InsightsIAS Monthly Current Affairs from June 2020 to September 2021
  • Two revisions of Insights Insta PT exclusive modules aligned with the subject that is being covered.
  • Space to cover previous Year UPSC papers from 2001 to 2020 in the last 20 days.
  • Daily – 25 high quality GS questions for practice, skill improvement, providing new information and improving mental toughness.
  • Daily – 5 CSAT Questions to ensure CSAT paper will not be a hurdle in clearing Prelims 2021.


We would want to reiterate that all you need to crack the prelims with ease is CONFIDENCE. This confidence comes with CONSISTENCY in studying, revising, practicing tests, analyzing and improving.

Insta Revision Plan has been instilled with an intent to give you a structured plan for consistent practice and great peer group to keep you in track throughout the preparation.

It is normal to feel apprehensive if you cannot execute everything listed above in the limited time available now. The truth is that you are NOT expected to DO IT ALL. The Timetable is framed in such a manner that even if you do 70-80% of what is given in the timetable, you are at your competitive best.

Strong mind with persistence is the key expectation from an aspirant to get past to stage of mains exam.

Questions will be posted every day without fail. They have been framed by the best minds and utmost care to ensure a mix of knowledge and skill testing.

It’s the perfect time for you to ACT and EXECUTE your plans if clearing Prelims 2021 is your goal. We urge you to shed all your inhibitions and limitations. Move beyond self-doubt. ACT now and have no regrets for future.


We are happy to share a few of the feedbacks and appreciation that we received for our previous year’s Insta Revision Plan. Something that keeps us motivated is your consistency and feedback.