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Topics Covered: Indian culture will cover the salient aspects of Art Forms, Literature and Architecture from ancient to modern times.



PRASHAD projects were recently inaugurated in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

  • The inaugurated projects include a Tourist Facilitation Centre and operation of Cruise Boat from Assi Ghat to RajGhat.


What is PRASHAD scheme?

  1. It is also called as the ‘National Mission on Pilgrimage Rejuvenation and Spiritual, Heritage Augmentation Drive’ (PRASHAD).
  2. It is a Central Sector Scheme fully financed by the Government of India.
  3. Launched by the Ministry of Tourism in the year 2014-15.
  4. Objective: Integrated development of identified pilgrimage and heritage destinations.
  5. It includes infrastructure development such as entry points (Road, Rail and Water Transport), last mile connectivity, basic tourism facilities.


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Prelims Link:

  1. Key features of the scheme.
  2. Implementation.
  3. Cities covered.

Mains Link:

Discuss the significance of the scheme.

Sources: PIB.