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[ ADMISSIONS OPEN ] Intensive Bridge Course for GS 3 Mains


By Sailesh Bhupalam Sir, (Faculty for Economy, Current Affairs and Public Administration)

Ashish Sir, (Faculty for Environment, Internal Security and Geography Optional)



Starts from: 15th July 2021

Fee: 9750/- including GST

Early Bird Offer: 20% discount till 10 July 2021

15% discount from 10th July 2021 to 15th July 2021

Old Subscriber Discount: 20%

Mode: Online Only


Having received positive feedback on subject specific courses for Mains 2020, last year, and also Intensive Bridge Course for GS2 Mains 2021, InsightsIAS is coming up with such revamped courses for other papers as well. It is wise for any aspirant to plan the preparation and revision for Mains beforehand, since the time for Mains preparation after Prelims will be less this year.


Indian Economy and Agriculture topics contain some core ideas and points that help answer most of the questions in UPSC mains. We will be dealing with these comprehensively to build a strong base to answer any question related to these topics. Science and Technology questions are largely dynamic, but predictable. We will use recent events to predict possible questions and cover them thoroughly.

Despite Internal Security, Environment and Disaster Management constituting half of GS 3 mains paper, it’s overlooked by many aspirants and hence preparation is not made in a diligent manner. Analysis of the scores in past years show the potential of the subject to score 120+ in this paper. The nature of the questions asked from these topics are static, current based and interlinked.

Hence the aspirants need to have holistic understanding of the topics and related issues. These topics also provide you ample of opportunity to include diagrams and case studies. Also, the substantiation by reports, committee data, statistics increase effectiveness of your answer points. Thorough analysis of past year papers show that probable topics/themes could be predicted and well prepared before exam itself.



Features of the program:

  • Cover entire GS 3 in 60 hours
  • Target 120 +
  • All topics will be covered
  • Enrich your answers with Diagrams, Reports, Statistics, Committee’s for GS3
  • Learn skills to tackle abstract questions
  • Three staged approach:
  1. Conceptual Clarity on Syllabus Topics
  2. PYQ discussion
  3. Probable Questions for 2021 Mains on recent issues
  • Materials provided:
  1. Hand outs
  2. Model answers for probable questions based on important recent issues (80+ questions on around 100 issues)

Give your 100% in these Ten days and 60 hours for GS 3 and develop a strong foundation. After prelims, all you have to do is revise these topics and write more answers



For any queries contact,

mail :


Bangalore Office : 7483163074 / 9380863034

Delhi Office : 9625668123, 7303318519, 011-495-2020-5

Hyderabad Office : 8688512637


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