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Welcome to our INSTA Revision Plan 2.0 & 3.0 to give wings to your Preparation for the UPSC Civil Services Preliminary cum Mains Examination – 2021
The following Insta RevisionTest is part of the detailed Insta Plan 2.0 which we have given you (CLICK HERE) recently. Read and internalise the plan before you start giving these tests. If you are already very well prepared, you can give these tests as stand-alone tests for extra practice.
The Insta 70 Days Plan received huge response from all of you. Questions were appreciated. In the Insta 2.0, we are further ensuring that questions are of high quality and are intended to help you eventually ace in the actual preliminary exam 2020 as well as Mains Exam.
We will concentrate solely on Prelims in Insta 3.0.
You are blessed with 4 more months and if you utilise these months smartly and sincerely, you will not only improve Prelims scores, but also get better at writing GS answers and essays before Prelims-2021. All that matters is your consistency.
Post your comments, queries, scores, feedback or suggestions in the comments section. Explode(i.e. bring positivity) this platform with your participation.


Wish you Good Luck! 🙂


Post your INSTA Revision Test score as well as your answers for the below Mains Questions in the Comments section for review.

Static question:

1. What do you understand by the phenomenon of temperature inversion in meteorology? How does it affect the weather and the habitants of the place? (250 words)


2. Bring out the causes for the formation of heat islands in the urban habitat of the world. (250 words)


Ethics question :

1. You are a Tahsildar. Your District Collector has inspired you for his compassion. Every year, it is your responsibility to fill the vacant seats for cook in schools of your Taluk who prepare mid-day meals. This year there is only one vacancy. The eligibility conditions for this post amongst others include completion of Class 8 for men and Class 5 for women. You receive 152 applications for the post and all are eligible. On a fine day, your District Collector communicates personally that he wants you to give the post to a woman he is recommending. She is a widow with three girl children and her husband was a construction worker who died very recently while in an accident during construction of a public property in your district.

He gives you the following three options and you are ought to choose one:

  1. Recruit two people totally as it is in your discretion to decide the number of vacancies. Now recruit one from the 152 applicants along with the women referred by him,
  2. Change the eligibility condition from Class 5 to Class 8 and recruit the women referred him as she is the only person who completed Class 8 and none of the 152 applicants are educated above Class 6,
  3. Select the women referred by him merely on grounds of compassion as none of the 152 applicants are widows. Give merits and demerits of each option and tell which option you will and for what reasons?

(20 Marks, 250 Words)


2. Siddharth is a techie from global MNC and also a philanthropist. He wants to eradicate hunger in India and he has opened an NGO “Zero Hunger Zero Pain”. The funds utilised by NGOs are regulated by a national law. 40 years back when the law was passed, few NGOs were involving in anti-national activities. Excessive restrictions were placed on fund utilisation and this created many complexities for genuine NGOstoo. The restrictive rules range from substantive provisions that are necessary to regulate utilisation of money by NGOs and also some superfluous, unnecessary technicalities. Recently, it was decided that none of these restrictive provisions are relevant after four decades wherein NGOs have become agents of development and change and government’s desired partners in service delivery. So, the laws are amended and all the unnecessary technicalities are repealed.

You are the Registrar of NGOs. Siddarth files an application to you for funding a food fortification project of his NGO. While auditing, you unearth some discrepancies. In past, some technicalities were not complied with by Siddarth’s NGO. Those technicalities are not at all helpful even in past to regulate errant NGO conduct, they were serving no purpose. But it is a violation of the original unamended law and the NGO funds should be frozen for 8 months, which can affect its development works.

Which one of the following two options will you choose?

  1. Since the law is now amended neither those technicalities have legal force today nor they were necessary in past, you can approve the application of Siddarth.
  2. Though the law is amended today, when it was violated it had legal force in past. So, you can freeze the funds of Siddarth’s NGO.

(250 words, 20 marks)


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