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‘Industrialisation was a mixed blessing.’ Explain by giving examples.

Topic: Industrial Revolution

1. ‘Industrialisation was a mixed blessing.’ Explain by giving examples. (250 words)

Reference:  Old NCERT World History Ch7 Industrial Revolution, Capitalism, Their Effect on Society, Rise of Trade Unions & Socialism

Why the question:

The question is from the static portions of GS paper I, part World history.

Key Demand of the question:

Elaborate with suitable examples in what way industrialisation was a mixed bag of blessings.


Explain – Clarify the topic by giving a detailed account as to how and why it occurred, or what is the particular context. You must be defining key terms where ever appropriate, and substantiate with relevant associated facts.

Structure of the answer:


Start with the impact of Industrialisation, its significance in general.


The Industrial Revolution, otherwise known as the First Industrial Revolution, was a series of innovations in manufacturing processes that transformed rural, agrarian European and American societies into industrialised and urban ones.

Point out the blessing of the Industrial Revolution – Production by machines has met the growing need of the growing population of the world, only machines have made it possible for the mankind to meet the primary necessities of food, clothes and shelter, have relieved man of the drudgery of tiring and unpleasant jobs etc.

Discuss the harmful effects of Industrial Revolution.


Conclude with its significance.