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[ ADMISSIONS OPEN ] Intensive Bridge course for GS 2 Mains : GS 2 Beyond Polity

By, Manjunath Sir, Faculty for Polity & Governance and Public Administration, InsightsIAS



Starts from : 1st July 2021

Fee: 9750/- including GST

Early Bird Offer: 20% discount till 25th June 2021

15% discount from 26th June 2021 to 1st July 2021

Old Subscriber Discount: 20%

Mode : Online Only



Having received positive feedback on subject specific courses for Mains 2020, last year, InsightsIAS is coming up with such revamped courses for Mains 2021. With more than 3 months left for Prelims exam, it is wise for any aspirant to complete preparation and revision for Mains smartly as it is imperative that time for Mains preparation after Prelims will be less this year.

In this regard, InsightsIAS is launching Intensive Bridge Course for GS 2 Mains : GS 2 Beyond Polity which starts from 1st July 2021.

Aspirants usually assume that GS 2 is all about Polity . And hence they mostly limit themselves to Laxmikanth book even for Mains . Even though Indian Polity and Indian Constitution form a major part of GS 2 , it consists of Social Justice , Governance and International relations which are overlooked by many, and hence preparation is not made in a diligent manner . In fact these Subjects are so well intertwined that students tend to neglect the approach to these subjects. In addition , there are no specific sources available for these topics in the market , which makes it even more challenging for the students to tackle. Hence , most of them end up writing general answers , thereby affecting their scores majorly.

Every year , most of the candidates who appear in the Mains exam end up scoring in the average window of 90s in GS2 .  One of the major reasons for this is , lack of substantiation in the answers using important articles, amendments,  judgements , Committees’ recommendations and GS 2 specific keywords and terminologies.

However, you need to aim for 120s to be in the top in the final list according to current trends of competition

In this regard , we are conducting a bridge course for GS 2 , which covers all 19 sub topics in 60 hours .



Features of the program :


  • Cover entire GS 2 in 60 hours
  • Target 120 +
  • All 19 sub topics will be covered
  • Three staged approach:
      1. Conceptual clarity on 19 subtopics
      2. PYQ discussions
      3. Probable Questions for 2021 Mains on recent issues
  • Enrich your answers with appropriate Keywords and Vocabulary for GS2
  • Identify, Remember & Reproduce important & Relevant Articles, Judgements, Reports etc
  • Learn skills to tackle abstract questions
  • Materials provided:

1. Hand outs on substantiation which includes :

b) Case studies
c) Committee recommendations
d) GS 2 specific keywords and terminologies
e) Definitions and flowcharts which can be used effectively in the exam

2. Model answers for probable questions based on important recent issues( 80+ questions on around 100 issues )



Give your 100% in these Ten days and 60 hours for GS 2 and you will have a strong foundation of all 19 sub topics . After prelims , all you have to do is revise these topics and write more answers.



For any queries contact,

mail :


Bangalore Office : 7483163074 / 9380863034

Delhi Office : 9625668123, 7303318519, 011-495-2020-5

Hyderabad Office : 8688512637



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