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[InstaMotivation@9pm] PANINI’S PALM


A boy in ancient India (4th century B.C.) was eager to study under a reputed teacher (Guru). He approached the Guru with a humble request to admit him as a student. 

The Guru examined the boy’s palm and declared that he had no line of education on his palm and hence he could not be expected to excel in education. The Guru rejected his request as the boy lacked the sign that he believed was the birth-mark of a successful student.

The boy was very determined to learn under the Guru. So he took a sharp knife and made a deep cut on his palm where the ‘line of education’ (Vidya rekha) is found in some people. He went to the master and showed the scar on his palm. He requested the Guru to reconsider his decision as he has now made a line of education on his palm. 

The wise master was impressed by the determination of the boy. He embraced the boy and enrolled him as a student immediately. The boy learned with exceptional brilliance and dedication and became a great scholar. The boy was Panini, who later systematized grammar in the Sanskrit language. His masterpiece is a major treatise entitled, ‘Ashtadhyayi’. His logical rules and techniques have influenced modern linguistics considerably. Thus Panini could challenge and change his fate by etching the mark on his palm by a painful cut.

Coming from a middle class family, we will be having many limitations. We won’t be having the advantage as Affluent or Group A parents give to their children. Whether it is financial freedom or Social recognition or education facilities or guidance in our career path, somewhere or  everywhere we will be at disadvantage. By default, our determinants will be relatively pulling us downwards. But if we just let ourselves flow through the current, we end up in poor streams. If we have to reach the vast ocean, we need to swim against the currents. We need to fight against our predefined destiny. Because determination is essential for the successful execution of any decision or any dream.