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[Video] Should you practice Answer Writing from Day-1? by Vinay Sir, Founder & Director, InsightsIAS



Most asked doubts – When to start writing answers? Should we finish one reading of entire syllabus and then start writing answers? We are sure that many freshers and also veterans have/had this doubt.

Mains Phase of UPSC CSE plays a vital role and in fact a game changer in determining the chance of you getting into the final list. It requires consistency and hard-work to reach that magic number of 950 in Mains to secure a top rank.

In this video, Vinay sir has dispelled this doubt on Answer Writing. His logic and experience in guiding students coupled with students sincerely following this have indeed secured top ranks.

Watch this video if you are struggling to find out the importance of writing answers and know when to start and why is it important to start at an early stage.


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