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Welcome to our INSTA Revision Plan 2.0 & 3.0 to give wings to your Preparation for the UPSC Civil Services Preliminary cum Mains Examination – 2021
The following Insta RevisionTest is part of the detailed Insta Plan 2.0 which we have given you (CLICK HERE) recently. Read and internalise the plan before you start giving these tests. If you are already very well prepared, you can give these tests as stand-alone tests for extra practice.
The Insta 70 Days Plan received huge response from all of you. Questions were appreciated. In the Insta 2.0, we are further ensuring that questions are of high quality and are intended to help you eventually ace in the actual preliminary exam 2020 as well as Mains Exam.
We will concentrate solely on Prelims in Insta 3.0.
You are blessed with 4 more months and if you utilise these months smartly and sincerely, you will not only improve Prelims scores, but also get better at writing GS answers and essays before Prelims-2021. All that matters is your consistency.
Post your comments, queries, scores, feedback or suggestions in the comments section. Explode(i.e. bring positivity) this platform with your participation.


Wish you Good Luck! 🙂


Post your INSTA Revision Test score as well as your answers for the below Mains Questions in the Comments section for review.

Static question:

1. Critically examine the challenges to integration and unification of India after independence. (250 words)


2. It is said that the nation is to a large extent an “imagined community” held together by common beliefs, history, political aspirations and imaginations. In this context, Discuss the features that make India a nation. (250 words)


Ethics question :

1. Bring out a comparison between Malfeasance, Misfeasance and Nonfeasance in the administration by using suitable examples. (250 words)


2. In a fast changing 21st century world, which prioritizes brute success in all spheres of life; many believe that morality and honesty are just undue burdens to realize success. Examine the reasons for this situation and also its implication on the society. Also, suggest measures to tackle this perception. (250 words)


Downloads :

Download answer booklet for MAINS test  HERE

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