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FREE Prelims Test Series 2021 for All : Intensive Prelims Booster Test Series (IPB 2.0) for Prelims 2021


Of late, days have been difficult and stressful for most of us. Despite the situation being very grim currently, we CANNOT lose hope and must be determined to fight this together, as a TEAM!

We need to FIGHT, not only COVID but also our distractions and emerge VICTORIOUS.

We need to analyse what best can be done, to bounce back with a greater vigor. We need to embrace hope and start working towards our goal with a renewed energy.

If you don’t do it NOW, someone else will!

The earlier you bounce back, better are the chances of acquiring a competitive edge very much needed in this highly competitive exam.

Good times or Bad, InsightsIAS will continue to extend its support to its students, no matter how small, to ensure you get back to disciplined studies and we achieve our common dream of success in UPSC CSE.

We believe, having the right plan, guide and targets is the need of the hour. As was announced, we are providing a FREE Intensive Prelims Booster Test Series (IPB 2.0) which starts from 2nd June 2021. This is available even to our existing subscribers. We will be adding tests to the same Course. Hence existing subscribers need not register again.




  1. All test papers will be framed anew, keeping in mind the dynamic demands of the UPSC preliminary exam
  2. All tests will be of 100 questions each
  3. There are a total of 20 Tests: 14 GS & 6 CSAT
  4. Of which 8 GS Tests are sectional & 6 are Full Syllabus Tests. And, 4 CSAT Sectional Tests and 2 Full Syllabus CSAT tests
  5. You can expect high quality in these tests as we expect thousands of aspirants to register for this series.
  6. Simulation of real Prelims exam preparing you for the standard questions as well as prepares you for peripheral (out-of the box) questions
  7. Experience the real competition with our huge serious aspirant base
  8. DETAILED ANALYTICAL ASSESSMENT SYSTEM: We have brought in the widest analytics for post-test analysis. Your portal itself will be your guide for improvement in your performance – you can analyze your strengths & weaknesses, subjects to work upon, skills to work upon, Question Paper analysis based on categories and difficulty level, get All India Rank, get Your scorecard & Leader board, etc.
  9. Discuss the tests with peers and experts and get your doubts cleared
  10. Tests are completely Flexible – give them when you are ready. You can take the test any time from the scheduled date. However, we suggest you to stick to the timetable and maintain a disciplined study.





How to approach Intelligent Guessing?

Intelligent Guessing – UPSC Civil Services Prelims

(While this technique is widely applicable, remember that this is NOT a rule. It does not apply in all the cases.)



How to avoid overthinking options in UPSC prelims?

Insights into UPSC Prelims: How to avoid overthinking



Why should you attempt more Questions in Prelims?

Insights into UPSC Prelims: A Statistical Justification – Why you should attempt more Qs in UPSC Prelims


You have been with us and we would want to reassure you that We, Team InsightsIAS are here for you. We will do out best to keep you occupied and focused for the exam.


With Prelims nearing, we cannot give any excuse to not focus on the goal set. If you need any help – with regards to studies you can book a slot with our Mentors or send a mail to





We will be adding tests to the same Course. Hence existing Prelims / IPM subscribers need not register again.



For any queries contact,

mail :


Bangalore Office : 7483163074 / 9380863034

Delhi Office : 9625668123, 7303318519, 011-495-2020-5

Hyderabad Office : 8688512637



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