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[ Video ] How to handle Stress? – (Not the Usual Tips) , By Vinay Sir


Stress and Anxiety are the most common phenomena experienced by Civil Service aspirants almost on a daily basis. Students try umpteen number of things to destress themselves like Yoga, Meditation, Exercise, etc. but continue to be stressed.

Based on his vast experience of dealing with thousands of students over years, Vinay Sir has scientifically broken down the core reasons of stress and an ingenious solution to overcome it. Briefly stating, stress can be caused by fears, expectations, ultra-competition, desire for perfection, over dependence, etc. all together leading to ultimate failures in the exam. It is highly important to address such stress right from day 1 and the solution to this lies in your own mind! Dissociation and detachment from the outcome is your ONLY solution.

Tips given by Vinay Sir to destress could help a lot many aspirants who are juggling to find some solution and peacefully tackle Exam and Life in a larger sense.

Watch this video to know WHY? And HOW? You can for sure relieve yourself from the pain of stress and anxiety!