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[InstaMotivation@9pm] THE SIMPLE SECRET of Success

A certain person, on coming across a sadhu, humbly begged him for instruction. The sadhu’s advice was, “Love God with all your heart and soul.” The enquirer replied, “I have never seen God, nor do I know anything about Him; how is it possible that I should love Him?” The holy man enquired whom the other loved most. The answer was, “I have nobody to care for.
I have a sheep and that is the only creature I love.” The sadhu said: “Then tend the creature and love it with all your heart and soul, and always remember that the Lord abides in it.” Having given this advice the sadhu left the place. The enquirer now began to tend the sheep with loving care, fully believing that the Lord abode in the creature. After a long time the sadhu, during his return journey, sought out the person he had advised and enquired how he was getting on. The latter saluted the sadhu and said, “Master, I am all right, thanks to your kind instructions. Much good has come to me by following the line of thought prescribed by you. Time and again I see a beautiful figure with four hands within my sheep and I find supreme bliss in that.”
To some, the above story might appear as fancy and illogical. But that is how the existence works. GOD or Success can be realised through child-like faith and guilelessness. In whatever situation may be we are, with whomever person be we are, with whatever task may be we are doing, what we need to keep in mind and need to practice is Acceptance with Totality and to see the God/Higher realm in every ordinary things we do.
We have chosen this UPSC preparation path. We are facing hundreds of hurdles in our journey. Bad luck hits us in one or other way regularly. But we need to see the higher purpose of existential force in our struggle. We need to trust the WILL of God/Lord/Existential force. And hence, we should do our work such as attempting Tests, reading study materials, planning the timetable as a part of our DUTY. Success is bound to happen today, if not tomorrow.