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[ New Course ] INSTACOURSES-2022: INSTA Prelims Textbook Based TEST SERIES – for UPSC Civil Services Exam – 2022



Objective of the Test Series: To help aspirants acquire enormous knowledge, develop skills to apply knowledge and tricks, patiently tackle any kind of paper with confidence, stay in the race and come out with flying colors

  • Understand UPSC : Solve UPSC Prelims Papers from 6th June 2021 , followed by Discussion
  • Test Series Starts From: 15th July 2021
  • Full Package : Total 50 Tests: 

12 tests (2 Revision Tests)– based on NCERTs

12 tests (2 Revision Tests)– based on standard textbooks, Thematic tests & references + Economic Survey 2021-22 & Budget 2022-23 + India Year Book 2021 and 2022

2 Tests – Dedicated Thematic – Social Welfare and Science/Technology

12 weekly full-length tests covering comprehensive syllabus


Fees:  Full Package : 8500/- (CLICK HERE FOR TIMETABLE) 

Medium: English 

Mode : Online & Offline

Old subscriber discount : 20%

Early Bird Offer : 15% discount till 30th June 2021



Important Features : (Explained in detail in the bottom)

  1. INSTA Preparatory Classes will be preloaded in your portal (Check timetable for details)
  2.  Discussion Class for each GS PRELIMS test
  3.  10 Mains Questions with Synopsis for integrated preparation
  4.   INSTA 30 Current Affairs and INSTA Value-added Material (Soft Copy)
  5. Online portal that is feature rich which gives you more tools to constantly improve your scores

Our coveted INSTA 75 days Revision Plan 2022 which will be released later in the Month of March-April 2022(tentatively) exclusively for prelims preparation will be aligned to Textbook based prelims test series 2022 and Subject-wise prelims test series 2022


NEW Inclusions:

Often aspirants jump into preparation without understanding the demand of the exam. If you are to Clear this Exam, you need to understand the Core Philosophy of UPSC, the demands of CSE, penetrate into the minds of UPSC paper setters and be abreast of the recent trends of this Exam.

The surest and fastest way of doing this is to solve the Previous Year UPSC Question papers religiously.

To make students realize the importance of solving and analysing the Previous Year UPSC Question papers, we will be giving Previous Year UPSC Question papers as tests on every Sunday starting from 6th June 2021. We will also be uploading the discussion videos of these papers which majorly intends to help you analyse the paper and help you learn tricks to solve the questions.

We shall also be giving you a few sessions exclusively on Strategy & Tips to Solve MCQs & How to follow the Prelims Test Series for maximising efficiency.


Preliminary Round, the very first round of the Civil Services Examination filters out a huge chunk of aspirants posing a myriad of challenges to both freshers as well as veterans.

However, focussing exclusively on what could have led to those few thousands of aspirants making it successfully to the next round of UPSC exam gives us a clearer picture of the true demand of the Exam and our exact approach towards it.

UPSC has ensured a constant change in the dynamics of the exam year after year. So, ideally, following the traditional way of reading books and solving a few MCQs is no more a success-guaranteed strategy to clear the Exam. What’s most important in today’s times is to Prepare yourself thoroughly for the uncertainty that can be faced in this examination. 

Practice-Assessment-Learning is the only tried & tested method to tackle this uncertainty in the Prelims Exam with ultimate grit & confidence.

Those deserving candidates who made it to the list are the one who have understood the intricate rules of the game and applied the same to perfection!



Have UPSC Question Papers genuinely become so erratic that Only Luck can save students or Is it just that students do not PREPARE themselves adequately to face the exam?

We believe it is the latter. At least for the last 4-5 years, the Question paper hasn’t changed its essential flair – it may have become slightly lengthier with the difficulty level being raised. But, as far as certain subject-areas are concerned, from which questions have been asked year after year, they haven’t changed, and they will NOT change as well since these are the emerging areas that are of significant interest to a budding bureaucrat. UPSC understands this and it is for two reasons it makes such highly unconventional papers:

  • The changing National and Global priorities, for e.g., automation, ecological degradation, heightened global cooperation that are becoming increasingly relevant to administration
  • Need to make the exam a fair play for veterans and freshers alike since UPSC favours the entry of freshers and young people in administration


What are the probable mistakes most aspirants repeat every year and end up being out of the race?

Following traditional Strategy of:

  1. Sticking to Basic books + Reference Books – which is very much appreciated
  2. Build Awareness: Only read Newspapers and Current affairs material published by coaching institutes cover to cover
  3. Unplanned revision: Rush to solve mock tests and complete 5-6 tests in the last month towards UPSC Prelims

Given the changing pattern, it is not a surprise that the final paper barely contains 40-45 questions from the above and most aspirants do not score up to the mark. They are left wanting as to what else could they have done to not face this situation. Why does this happen despite all the hard work? It is because some CRITICAL areas (like Statistics & Techniques in Agriculture, Statistics in Economy, Emerging areas of Environment & Technology etc.) are left out from preparation either out of ignorance, or out of poor planning.


What Aspirants Should do?

Given the changing nature of the exam, and the increasing weightage of critical portions, here is what you should do:

Follow a dynamic strategy:

  • Build Fundamentals: Read NCERT/Standard books
  • Build Awareness: Read the Hindu/IE and current affairs material
  • Build Knowledge base: Religiously attend a good test series year-round to add significantly to knowledge base and sharpen your preparation



So, here comes the all-important Question of Why do you need a Test Series?

Test Series is a safe bet in preparation for various reasons:

  1. Follow a Good Year-long Schedule: As an IAS aspirant you are not preparing for an ordinary exam. It requires a disciplined preparation. Regularity & Consistency is going to be a key for your progress. Schedules help you hold yourself accountable, stay calm and composed (EI!), achieve milestones and eventually accomplish your goal.
  2. You understand Gradualism is the name of the game with every test you attend.
  3. BUILD & IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS: Nowadays Exam papers are more inclined towards testing your common sense through tricky, subjective and vague questions. Reading books and ready-made materials will give you lots of knowledge, but they will never give the skills necessary to clear this exam.

To cultivate new skills and improve certain aspects you must have an integrated approach where you not only study, but also put to rigorous test what you study on a regular basis.

  1. Limiting your sources and learning more from the MCQs: Given the limited time with an aspirant, it is more than difficult to identify the Critical areas and cover all these areas with full confidence from varied sources.  This is where Learning from MCQs comes into picture. You can prepare on these areas which will be predicted and covered in advance in the test series and equip yourself to apply techniques to eliminate the right answers with your extensive knowledge/experience.
  2. Regular tests with huge student base give you a fair idea of the fierce competition around.


Why InsightsIAS Test Series?

Apart from the qualitative Test Series we provide, we are known to prepare aspirants for the UNCERTAINTY. We teach you how to fish instead of spoon-feed you with read-made dinner! Over the years, owing to our large experience, we at Insights have learnt many important lessons and skills to help you prepare productively, effectively and efficiently by instilling ultimate confidence in you.

Our Right Guidance and your hard work will make the perfect recipe for your guaranteed success!


We are proud and excited to have come up with unique features to help students not worry about their test series, mode of test series, performance analysis, performance tracker etc.,

  • Now you choose to take each test either offline or online by easily switching the mode of test. i.e., you may choose to write a few tests online and a few offline. This is specifically designed to ensure hassle free preparation in any kind of situation around.
  • DETAILED ANALYTICAL ASSESSMENT SYSTEM: We have brought in the widest analytics for post-test analysis. Your portal itself will be your guide for improvement in your performance – you can analyze your strengths & weaknesses, subjects to work upon, skills to work upon, Question Paper analysis based on categories and difficulty level, get All India Rank, get Your scorecard & Leader board, etc.,
  • Discuss the tests with peers and experts and get your doubts cleared
  • All previous years’ Prelims Test Series Question papers and Solutions, Current Affairs, Secure Compilation, Quizzes and important study material will be available to download
  • Get INSTA 30 – Quick Revision of Monthly Current affairs in 30 pages and other INSTA Value added Material related to Prelims
  • SECURE, Daily Current Affairs, All Free Initiatives of WWW.INSIGHTSONINDIA.COM will be available in your portal itself

You can witness the real competition with your dynamic rank. We help you track the improvement in scores, your commitment in following the schedule and reminder for the tests that you have not completed yet.


Prelims Specific Features in the Portal 


You can as well go through the features available in the portal through the below link

CLICK HERE to take A walk through of the Test portal 


CREDIBILITY! – CLICK HERE to check UPSC CSE Prelims 2020 QUESTIONS which were covered in Insights IAS Prelims Test Series)


When should you join Test Series?

You must join test series programs from day one to prepare effectively for CSE-2022. Starting early gives you sufficient time to improve at your own pace – slowly but steadily. Starting early gives you time to revise all tests multiple times and remember lots of stuff for Prelims as well as for Mains-2021.

We have noticed that those who start early and stay consistent will go on to clear this exam fast (within 1-2 attempts). In worst case scenarios many of the early starters at least write Mains in their first attempts, sometimes reaching the interview stage as well (if they finish Optional properly before prelims). Those who resort to solving tests in the end – just before prelims – find it difficult to clear this exam as it’s too much to digest at that moment. Moreover most aspirants panic because of the huge amount of materials that pile up by then.


Why INSIGHTSIAS Textbook Based Prelims Test Series:

  1. Perfectly planned timetable for freshers to get a strong foundation as well as for Veterans as this also includes Thematic Test Series and IFS portions & unconventional areas too
  2. The approach of preparation – Starting from NCERTs and then adding Standard Sources to your preparation will help you gear up your preparation in the right direction
  3. Start your preparation right with our INSTA Preparatory Classes on

– Strategy for UPSC CSE 2022

– How to read books for INSIGHTS Prelims Tests?

– How to read Current Affairs?

– How to make notes for Prelims 2022?

– Strategy Class and Tricks to score high in Insights Prelims Tests as well as in Prelims 2022

  1. Cover unconventional portion through MCQs
  2. Get the widest post analysis features in the test portal for both online and offline tests to improve your scores drastically.
  3. Tests are completely Flexible – give them when you are ready.
  4. You can take the test any time from the scheduled date
  5. You can choose to write every test either online or offline (We are the first among all for providing complete flexibility in terms of mode of test)
  6. Discuss and get your doubts cleared by experts as well as peers
  7. Experience the real competition with our huge serious aspirant base
  8. Simulation of real Prelims exam with the standard of questions as well as prepares you for peripheral questions
  9. Credibility! – CLICK HERE to check UPSC CSE Prelims 2020 QUESTIONS which were covered in Insights IAS Prelims Test Series)
  10. Toppers enrolled and toppers recommend and toppers are made from our tests.
  11. Multiple re-takes enabled two months before prelims so that you can revise multiple times
  12. Get INSTA 30 – Quick Revision of Monthly Current affairs in 30 pages and other INSTA Value added Materials related to prelims like INSTA BOOSTER Material
  13. Explanation/Discussion classes for every GS prelims Tests will be held. (Video recording of the classes will also be provided)



The timetable is carefully crafted to ensure proper time gap to study & Multiple revisions. 

Click Here to Download the Timetable for INSIGHTS TEXTBOOK BASED PRELIMS TEST SERIES 2021

Click Here for Timetable of TEXTBOOK Based Only GS package


You have the Option of going for Combined Package of both Textbookwise and Subjectwise Prelims Test Series (Click Here to Download TIMETABLE of Combined Test Series Package) for more rigorous practice at Rs 14500/




Read below to get the details of Timetable:

– Before the start of the tests, INSTA preparatory classes will be conducted to make sure your preparation journey is clear, smooth and guided in the right direction. Start your preparation early to gain an edge.

– Understand UPSC before itself by Solving Previous 5 year UPSC Question paper and analyze them.

Test series tarts from 15th July 2021

Timetable is so designed that we cover the syllabus in 3 different rounds along with Revisions

  1. Sources are covered in an incremental way so that a fresher gets conceptual clarity before dwelling into huge reference books.
  2. Also, UPSC time and again has made its point to ask questions verbatim from NCERTs. The Approach followed by Textbook based Prelims Test Series has taken care to give equal emphasis on NCERTs, Standard Sources as well as Current Affairs.
  3. We have given a list of standard sources at the end of the timetable that can be referred in addition to the ones mentioned alongside test dates. Questions can be expected from those standard sources also. Try to cover as much as you can from these sources as well.
  4. With this timetable we ensure you progress in completion of syllabus and also improve your skills in solving different types of questions.
  5. Time Gap Between tests in is kept usually kept 10 days (in 95% of the cases except during Sundays and Festivals) as it is the 1st time that you will be covering the syllabus. Even if you are not able to complete the syllabus, do not panic, as you will be covering during the Revision tests and also the Full Syllabus Tests.
  6. The Full Syllabus tests is the simulation of the UPSC Prelims exam and ensures you are well prepared for any kind of paper in the prelims exam. We try to nudge you with difficulty level and out of the box questions so that you learn better through MCQs. Alternate Simulation Tests will have GS as well as CSAT on the same day so that you get acclimatized to the UPSC Prelims exam.




How to approach Intelligent Guessing 

(While this technique is widely applicable, remember that this is NOT a rule. It does not apply in all the cases.)


How to avoid overthinking options in UPSC prelims


Why should you attempt more Questions in Prelims?


Questions from INSIGHTSIAS Test Series & Revision Plan in the Prelims Exam





Early bird offer – 15% discount (Limited Period till 30th June 2021)

Discounts: INSTA discount for previous Test Subscribers:

All the OGP & CORE students of INSIGHTSIAS and subscribers of various test series programs (Prelims or MAINS) will get an exclusive discount of 20% over the subscription of IPM.




  • Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable in nature in all circumstances
  • INSIGHTSIAS material will be for the individual student use only and copyright protected (only soft copy will be provided)
  • Any violation of copyright law if observed, enrollment to the test series will be cancelled 



For any queries contact,

mail :


Bangalore Office : 7483163074 / 9380863034

Delhi Office : 7303318519 / 011-49520205

Hyderabad Office : 8688512637



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