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Wicked People are needed too.

At one time the tenants of an estate became unruly. The landlord had to send Golak Choudhury, who was a ruffian. He was such a hard administrator that the tenants trembled at the very mention of the name.

There is need for everything. Once Sita said to her husband: “Rama, it would be grand if every house in Ayodhya were a mansion! I find many houses are old and dilapidated.” “But, my dear,” said Rama, “If all the houses were beautiful ones, what would the masons do?” God has created all kinds of things. He has created good trees and poisonous plants and weeds as well. Among the animals there are good, bad, and all kinds of creatures – tigers, lions, snakes, and so on.

In our life, we come across many negative people. May it be in our neighborhood or in our college/university or in our working place. They always try to pull us down. They spread negativity. They turn us off. We easily get disturbed from their words. They agitate our mind through their gossips, backstabbing, and cunning behavior. We feel trapped and want to get out of this place as soon as possible.

But what we need to understand is in a beautiful garden, there will be different kinds of flowers. We have to accept their presence. At the same time, we should not give them a chance to disturb our peace. We can draw a line between us and them. We should learn to co-exist without getting bothered from their negative vibes. And that is what Buddha says, ‘Be like a Lotus flower. Even if you’re staying in the dirt water, even if your roots are from dark mud, try to come out and seek for the sunshine, and keep your petals blooming’.

Yes! there is a need for everything. You don’t have to worry about negative situations or negative people. Accept them. Keep your focus strong towards your goal.