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If you are to turn VICTORIOUS, WIN first and then set out to CONQUER. You need to WIN in knowing and understanding the opponent thoroughly. The same goes for UPSC. If you are to Clear this Exam, you need to understand the Core Philosophy of UPSC, the demands of CSE, penetrate into the minds of UPSC paper setters and be abreast of the recent trends of this Exam. With a vast syllabus, you cannot make the mistake of trying to achieve perfection in every area to clear this exam. You need to be smart in focusing on the important areas, strategically. The surest and fastest way of doing this is to solve the Previous Year UPSC Question papers religiously.

You may be a beginner or a veteran, practicing Previous Year UPSC Questions is of utmost importance to get a good hold of the language used by UPSC especially with the Prelims Exam approaching. In this regard, InsightsIAS will be uploading Previous Year UPSC Prelims Question papers in a QUIZ format so that you have an experience of solving the MCQs like the real Prelims Examination.


Wish you Good Luck! 🙂


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