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[ New Initiative ] : TALK TO OUR MENTOR – Free Mentorship & Guidance for all Students



Each of us are experiencing a wide spectrum of emotions at a high frequency. The unimaginable disruption that COVID 19 has brought into our lives, has not only hindered normalcy but also induced perturbation.

We may have fought COVID personally, helped one or more recover from the deadly virus, or worse, may have faced the loss of dear ones. Nonetheless, patience & hope must be held onto in such difficult times and we all need to consciously recuperate from the dissonance that has engulfed us unknowingly.

Though the situation is very grim currently, we certainly can fight this together, as a team! Our Physical and mental health can alone determine the magnitude of suffering now. Staying calm and focused, and using this time to get fit is an easier way to stay away from negative thoughts.

Of late we have been receiving a lot of mails and calls seeking help from our student community. And we would want to reassure you that We, Team InsightsIAS are here for you. We have been keeping you all occupied with our INSTA REVISION PLAN and regular updates of Daily Secure Answer Writing, Quizzes, Current Affairs etc. Over and above this, we have now decided to provide free Mentorship to all students who require guidance from us. With Prelims nearing, we cannot give any excuse to not focus on the goal set. If you need any help – with regards to studies you can book a slot with our Mentors.





Following is a brief story of Ms. Dipa karmakar – It should inspire you to utilise available opportunities to the best of advantage and remain focussed even during tough times.



There is a routine in gymnastics called the Produnova vault. Only five women in the world have been successfully able to perform it. However, the so called ‘vault of death’ did not scare Dipa Karmakar, who effortlessly performed it in the 2016 Olympic games. This Padma Shri awardee is the first female gymnast from India to have ever competed in the Olympics.

She struggled with poverty, lack of equipment, a flat foot, and had no support from anywhere except her coach: Bishweshwar Nandi. But she persevered. She never gave up on her dream. As a result, she became one of the most successful stories in the sporting history of India, popularizing a sport which had faded into obscurity.

She began her training at the age of six and remained firm in her resolve. She missed the bronze medal by a whisker, but she proved to the world that anything can be possible if you are resolute enough. Her shortcomings only strengthened her. Even performing the world’s most dangerous vault did not faze this daredevil, who now inspires a generation.

As always dear aspirants, the choice to fulfill – or remain oblivious to – one’s own potential, is yours, and yours alone.





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