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InstaLinks help you think beyond the issue but relevant to the issue from UPSC prelims and Mains exam point of view. These linkages provided in this ‘hint’ format help you frame possible questions in your mind that might arise(or an examiner might imagine) from each current event. InstaLinks also connect every issue to their static or theoretical background. This helps you study a topic holistically and add new dimensions to every current event to help you think analytically. 

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Table of Contents:

GS Paper 2:

1. Delhi govt.’s responsibilities remain: Centre.

2. Karen rebels.


GS Paper 3:

1. Net Zero Producers’ Forum.


Facts for Prelims:

1. Tianhe module.

2. World’s Oldest Water.

3. MACS 1407.

4. UK becomes first country to announce regulation of use of self-driving vehicles.

GS Paper  :  2


Topics Covered: Indian Constitution- historical underpinnings, evolution, features, amendments, significant provisions and basic structure.

Delhi govt.’s responsibilities remain: Centre:


The Union Home Ministry has said that the Government of National Capital Territory (GNCTD) Amendment Act, 2021 “in no way alters the constitutional and legal responsibilities of the elected government” to take necessary action in areas of health and education.


The Act passed by Parliament on March 24 gives more teeth to the office of the Lieutenant Governor (L-G) of Delhi.

The objective of the Amendment Act is:

  1. To make it more relevant to the needs of the capital.
  2. Further define the responsibilities of the elected government and the Lt. Governor (LG).
  3. Create a harmonious relationship between the Legislature and the Executive.

Key Provisions:

  1. The Act says that “government” in the national capital territory of Delhi means the Lieutenant-Governor of Delhi.
  2. It gives discretionary powers to the L-G even in matters where the Legislative Assembly of Delhi is empowered to make laws.
  3. The Act also seeks to ensure that the L-G is “necessarily granted an opportunity” to give an opinion before any decision taken by the Council of Ministers (or the Delhi Cabinet) is implemented.

What’s the concern now?

The Act gives the Lieutenant-Governor more teeth compared to the CM in administering the city.

  • It has inherent potential to trigger a confrontation between elected representatives rendered powerless in one stroke and an unelected appointee chosen by the Centre.

How is Delhi administered?

Delhi is a Union Territory with a legislature and it came into being in 1991 under Article 239AA of the Constitution inserted by ‘the Constitution (Sixty-ninth Amendment) Act, 1991.

  • As per the parent Act, the legislative assembly of Delhi has power to make laws in all matters except public order, police and land.


Prelims Link:

  1. Articles 239A vs 239AA.
  2. Powers of Delhi Government vs LG.
  3. How administration of Delhi is different from administration of other states having a legislature?
  4. When did Delhi get a legislature?
  5. How is Delhi LG appointed?

Mains Link:

Write a note on the Constitution (Sixty-ninth Amendment) Act, 1991.

Sources: the Hindu.


Topics Covered: India and neighbours.

Karen rebels:


Myanmar’s military has launched air strikes on a village and outpost near the Thai border, after ethnic minority Karen insurgents attacked a Myanmar army post in some of the worst clashes since a Feb. 1 coup.

  • The Karen National Union (KNU), Myanmar’s oldest rebel group, has also said its fighters had taken the army camp on the west bank of the Salween river.

Who are the KNU?

  • The KNU is the dominant political organisation representing ethnic minority Karen communities in Karen, or Kayin, State, bordering Thailand.
  • Its aim is self-determination for the Karen people in a region of about 1.6 million people, roughly the size of Belgium, where they are the ethnic majority in the state.

What is the Karen Conflict?

Marginalised in then Burma’s post-independence political process, the KNU started a rebellion in 1949, which it waged for nearly 70 years. One of its key grievances was the majority Bamar community’s dominance of Myanmar’s state and military.

  • The conflict has been described as one of the world’s “longest running civil wars”.

What’s the demand?

Karen nationalists have been fighting for an independent state known as Kawthoolei since 1949.


Prelims Link:

  1. Who are Karens?
  2. What is the conflict all about?
  3. What is Kawthoolei?

Sources: the Hindu.

GS Paper  :  3


Topics Covered: Conservation related issues.

Net Zero Producers’ Forum:


Qatar, the US, Saudi Arabia, Canada and Norway have come together to form a cooperative forum that will develop pragmatic net zero emission strategies.

  • These countries are collectively responsible for 40% of global oil and gas production.

Roles and functions of the Net Zero Producers’ Forum:

The Net Zero Producers’ Forum will consider strategies and technologies which include “methane abatement, advancing the circular carbon economy approach, development and deployment of clean-energy and carbon capture and storage technologies, diversification from reliance on hydrocarbon revenues, and other measures in line with each country’s national circumstances.”

What is net-zero?

Net-zero, which is also referred to as carbon-neutrality, does not mean that a country would bring down its emissions to zero. Rather, net-zero is a state in which a country’s emissions are compensated by absorption and removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

  • Absorption of the emissions can be increased by creating more carbon sinks such as forests, while removal of gases from the atmosphere requires futuristic technologies such as carbon capture and storage.


Prelims Link:

  1. What is the Net Zero Producers’ Forum?
  2. About the Climate Leaders’ Summit.
  3. What is net-zero?
  4. Countries committed to net-zero.
  5. About Paris Agreement.

Sources: Indian Express.


Facts for Prelims:

Tianhe module:

  • It is the first module of China’s planned space station.
  • The core module, currently the largest spacecraft developed by China, was launched into low earth orbit by a Long March-5B rocket, marking the first step of China’s efforts to build its own station in two years.
  • The Tianhe module will act as the management and control hub of the space station

World’s Oldest Water:

World’s Oldest Water Found in Canada Sheds Light on the Beginning of Life.

  • In 2019, geologist and earth sciences professor Dr. Barbara Sherwood Lollar of the University of Toronto received the top science prize of the Gerhard Herzberg Canada Gold Medal for Science and Engineering worth $1 million for discovering the world’s oldest water.
  • It was found at a depth of 2.4 kilometers in Kidd Creek Mine.
  • The water is highly saline, which is ten times saltier than seawater.

MACS 1407:

  • It is a high-yielding and pest-resistant variety of soybean developed by Indian Scientists.
  • It is suitable for cultivation in the states of Assam, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and North-Eastern states.
  • The new variety has been developed by scientists from MACS – Agharkar Research Institute (ARI), Pune.
  • The variety was developed using the conventional cross breeding technique.
  • Its thick stem, higher pod insertion (7 cm) from ground, and resistance to pod shattering make it suitable even for mechanical harvesting.
  • It is suitable for rain-fed conditions of north-east India.

UK becomes first country to announce regulation of use of self-driving vehicles:

  • The UK has become the first country to announce regulation of the use of self-driving vehicles at slow speeds on motorways.
  • The government will start with Automated Lane Keeping Systems (ALKS) – which use sensors and software to keep cars within a lane, allowing them to accelerate and brake without driver input.
  • The use of ALKS would be restricted to motorways, at speeds under 60 km per hour.

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