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Interactive Strategy / Feedback Session for InstaClasses 2021 by Vinay Sir


InstaClasses 2021, a full-fledged Online & Offline Guidance Program for 2021, aiming to EQUIP students to succeed, has won the hearts of our large student community.

InstaClasses has proved to be pillar of strength for our students amidst the tough days of COVID. Our sole intension of conducting classes – hassle-free, weekly & fortnightly revision tests, consistent one-to-one mentorship, intensive test-based approach to classes has borne fruits to a great extent.

Furthermore, interactive sessions by eminent personalities as a part of Ignite@Insights initiative, Special Classes on Important Subjects by Retired Officers and Specialists in respective fields and constant support by our Success & Mindset Coach have played a pivotal role in the preparation phase of our students.

We are extremely happy that our students are optimistic and confident to clear the exam as of today. All serious aspirants have also realized the need and worth of such an intensive test-based approach.

Utmost sincerity & determination, single-minded focus, relentless endurance, the perfect guidance, exam-oriented studies, Practice and Revision is our Mantra for success. It is immensely satisfying to see our students improving and excelling on a daily basis.

Insights is proud to host a sizeable portion of students from premiere institutions such as the NLS, IIT, IIM and NITs owing to the Overall strategy adopted by us, holistic schedule, Quality teaching & guidance, round-the-clock availability of Faculties, Mentors and our Founder/Director – Vinay Sir. This has a major role to play in making Insights a premiere institution as well with a highly intellectual and competitive atmosphere.

Being realistic in your preparation and striving to walk that extra mile is the need of the hour. On the successful near to completion of InstaClasses 2021, Vinay Sir has addressed students giving practical inputs about preparation, change in strategy and approach to the Prelims exam which is just 63 days from now. The video does not contain mere rhetoric but some valuable tips that can prove to be critical for your success in the examination.

A few of our happy students volunteered to give us feedback about their preparation utilizing InstaClasses.

Watch this video to know more about Preparation at InsightsIAS, strategy followed in InstaClasses and Why should you choose InstaClasses 2022 if IAS is your dream destination!




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