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Armenian Genocide

Topics Covered: World History.

Armenian Genocide:


US President Joe Biden is preparing to formally acknowledge the Armenian Genocide.

  • Every year, Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day will be marked on April 24.

What is the Armenian Genocide?

While Turkey disagrees, the consensus among historians is that during the Armenian Genocide, between 1915 to 1922, in the First World War, thousands of Armenians perished due to killings, starvation and disease, when they were deported by Ottoman Turks from eastern Anatolia.

  • The International Association of Genocide Scholars estimates that more than 1 million Armenians may have died.

Why is the acknowledgement significant?

Researchers say that the acknowledgement by the US government would have little legal impact on Turkey, other than becoming a cause for embarrassment for the country and perhaps giving other countries the impetus to also acknowledge the genocide.

  • However, this acknowledgement in the international community may be unwelcome and unpalatable for Turkey.


Prelims Link:

  1. About World War 1.
  2. Key events during the war.
  3. What is Armenian Genocide?

Mains Link:

Discuss how acknowledgement of Armenian Genocide affects Turkey.

Sources: Indian Express.