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[FAQs] Frequently Asked Questions – InstaClasses 2022(OGP-Offline/Online Guidance Program)



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  1. What is INSTA CLASSES 2022?

The All New Insta Classes – Online & Offline (advanced version of erstwhile OGP) is a full-fledged course for UPSC 2022. It includes guidance and classroom training for all three stages of the UPSC civil services examination – Prelims, Mains and Interview. The main objective of this course is to ensure exhaustive coverage of the syllabus through personalized learning. It empowers serious aspirants to establish strong foundations of basics, build on it by inculcating analytical skills, interact with and be mentored by trusted and committed faculty at every step and adapt their preparation to the dynamic nature of this examination.


  1. What all do I get as a part of Subscription to INSTA CLASSES 2022

This comprehensive classroom program offers more components and study tools than any other program in India for civil services exam preparation. Integrated Classes for Prelims + Mains with exhaustive coverage of entire syllabus (GS+ CSAT), Integrated Ethics and Essay classes – special feature Comprehensive coverage of Current Affairs for MAINS , Practice what you learn everyday through – Daily Prelims & Mains Class Tests, Weekly Prelims Revision Tests, Fortnightly Mains Revision Tests, Full Length Prelims and Mains Tests after every subject is completed  ,Personal Mentor – a trusted adviser to track your progress throughout, Live doubts clearance session + Doubts clearance via chat, Success & Mindset Coach to ensure impeccable mental health LIVE CLASSES + RECORDED CLASSES to ensure students never miss a class.

Toppers Chose and Toppers Recommend our All India Prelims Test Series with the widest Post Test analysis Mains Answer evaluation based on comprehensive parameters to improve your score constantly. Most promising faculty, mentors and INSTA Team will be your constant companion’s Personality test preparation: Multiple Mock Interviews, video recording of mock interviews, personalized feedback and group discussions.



  1. Is InstaClasses different from OGP?

InstaClasses is an advanced version of OGP. It’s more comprehensive; it’s driven by technology; and offers holistic features starting with classroom lectures to taking care of mental and physical well – being.


  1. What is the difference between Insta Classes-Online & Insta Classes-Offline?

The only difference is that students at offline classes will sit in a brick and mortar facility and interact with faculty, mentors and the director personally and directly. Other than this all features are similar.


  1. When does Insta Classes-Online & Insta Classes-Offline begin?

Insta Classes Batch 1 (online/Offline) will begin on 12th April 2021. Offline classes will be in Bangalore currently. Once the permission is obtained from Government in Delhi, Offline Classes will be started afresh in Delhi Centre.

(In case, Government restrictions are imposed, classes will continue in the online mode and will not be hampered)


  1. How different is Insta Classes from Prelims and Mains Test Series offered by InsightsIAS such as IPM, INSTA Prelims Test Series, Yearlong Mains Test Series?

IPM – Integrated Prelims and Mains Test Series is a single, tailor-made timetable to prepare both for Prelims and Mains simultaneously through the concept of EBS (Essential, Breakthrough and Simulation Tests) YLM – Yearlong Mains Test Series consists of ONLY Mains tests component of IPM. INSTA Prelims Test Series – Consists of following two types: Subject-wise: Prelims Test Series for students familiar with the syllabus and intend to attempt tests subject-wise utilizing the concept of EBS (Essential, Breakthrough and Simulation Tests) Text-book based: Prelims Test Series for fresher’s to establish a strong foundation based on Text-book based approach. IPM, YLM and INSTA Prelims Test Series are ONLY TEST SERIES along with discussion classes provided for the Questions asked in the test papers. Whereas, INSTACLASSES is a FULL-FLEDGED classroom guidance program involving exhaustive coverage of UPSC CSE Prelims and Mains syllabus along with weekly and fortnightly tests. Interview guidance is also included in it.


  1. Are the Prelims and Mains Test Series included in this Course?

Yes. Daily Prelims & Mains Class Tests, Weekly Prelims Revision Tests, Fortnightly Mains Revision Tests and Full-Length Prelims and Mains Tests after every subject is completed are a part of INSTACLASSES 2022.


  1. Does subscription to Insta Classes cover for the CSAT Classes too?

Yes, Insta Classes covers full Syllabus – General Studies for Prelims as well as Mains, Essay and CSAT.


  1. Is there any last date of admission for INSTA CLASSES?

There is no last date to take admission for INSTACLASSES 2022. Video recordings of completed classes will be provided to those joining a bit late. However, we encourage students to take admission at the earliest in order to maintain flow of classes & studies and avoid pendency. Early Bird Offer of 15% discounts ends on 27th March 2020. So we suggest you take admissions before 27th March to avail the offer.


  1. Who all can subscribe to Insta Classes?

INSTACLASSES are primarily meant for civil services aspirants who are freshers. But any student who wishes to learn from scratch and cover the entire syllabus through classroom teaching can take admission. Working Professional or a Student, the unique time-table of Insta Classes – Online & Offline benefits both equally and gives a flying start to your preparation with the EQUIP Approach (Explain, Quest, Understand, Interact and Perform).


  1. What is the course duration of Insta Classes 2021?

The duration for the Insta Classes course will be between 12-15 Months starting from 12th April, 2021.


  1. Will the Insta classes be conducted throughout the week?

Classes will be conducted 6 days a week. Sometimes 5 days a week. We have kept many holidays reserved for revision purposes.


  1. What is the duration of each class?

Every class will be of an approximate duration of 3 hours.


  1. Are the classes conducted every day?

There will be one class per day from Monday to Saturday. Every Sunday will be a weekly revision test. Every National holiday has been accounted for in the timetable as breaks for students.


  1. Will the Insta Classes be offered on weekends or will the new weekend batch of Insta Classes be started?

We are NOT conducting any weekend batches this year. Interested students can enroll for our online classes as they will have flexibility to watch in the evenings on daily basis.


  1. How can working professionals keep up with the schedule of Insta Classes?

Working professionals must need to work harder and even utilize their breaks for some productive study in-order to be on par with their competitors. Joining INSTACLASSES – ONLINE 2022 is crucial for working professionals as they can attend all classes at a place and time of their convenience. This ensures exhaustive coverage of the entire syllabus. They can stay motivated and informed through the best aspirant base in the country and be accountable to their studies at the same time. Travel time, breaks, dedicated 3-4 hours of time post work and weekends must be utilized to revise all that has been taught in class, attempt the tests that are being conducted and Optional subject preparation. Insights Mentors are always there to help make personalized time-tables. Smart-work is key for working professionals and Insights vouches to guide them at every step.


  1. Will the Classes and Discussions be available in Hindi medium as well?

No. The medium of instruction in classes will be English Only. However, we can arrange for mentors who are comfortable with the language you choose for guidance.


  1. Will I be provided with any special guidance for Essay and Ethics Papers?

A special feature of INSTACLASSES 2022 is integrated Essay and Ethics classes. This will help a student develop a better approach and answer-writing skills for Essay and Ethics simultaneously.


  1. Is Insta Classes 2022 available in all the branches of InsightsIAS?

Insta Classes 2022 Offline is presently available in Bengaluru only. Considering the COVID situation in Delhi, a call will be taken on Insta Classes 2022 in Delhi.


  1. In what all languages is the Insta Classes 2022 conducted across branches?

Insta Classes 2022 will be in English. However, faculties will be covering doubts in Kannada and Hindi as well.


  1. Can I consult InsightsIAS & the faculty, mentors for any query even after the completions of Insta Classes 2022?

Definitely. You can reach out to faculties and mentors anytime. Insights Team will be with you till you top the list.


  1. Why is INSTA CLASSES better than other Courses in the Market?

INSIGHTSIAS – a name synonymous with excellent and reliable civil services training is the one-stop destination for all aspirants looking for the best guidance with the only intention of seeing their students succeed and celebrate. Helmed by its Founder and Director, Vinay Sir, INSTACLASSES will be executed by an experienced and very talented team of faculty and mentors. Apart from affordable academic training, Insights offers IGNITE talks by eminent personalities for intellectual stimulation and a full-time Success and Mindset coach to ensure good mental fitness. Courses offered by InsightsIAS are comprehensive, innovative and holistic, and there is no question of comparison with other courses in the market.


  1. What is the fee for Insta Classes-Online & Insta Classes-Offline?

Fee for Insta Classes Online – Rs. 89000/- + 18% Tax Fee for Insta Classes Offline – Rs 95000 + 18% Tax


  1. Is there any discount upon subscription to Insta Classes?

Upon subscription to Insta Classes 2022, a further discount of 40% will be given for IWIL Mains Test Series 2022 post prelims (Please note: One set of Mains Test Series is already integrated in the course. )


  1. What is an Early-Bird discount offered for Insta Classes?

Early bird discount is the discount offered on the course for subscriptions before a prefixed date. Accordingly, there is an early bird discount of 15% for subscriptions to Insta Classes 2022 before 27th March 2021 and 10% for subscriptions to Insta Classes 2022 before 10th April 2021.


  1. How much is the Early Bird discount offered for Insta Classes?

There is an early bird discount of 15% for subscriptions to Insta Classes 2022 before 27th March 2021 and 10% for subscriptions to Insta Classes 2022 before 10th April 2021.


  1. What is the last date for the Early Bird Offer?

27th MARCH 2021 – 15% discount

10th APRIL 2021 – 10% discount


  1. Does InsightsIAS conduct scholarships for Insta Classes?

Yes Scholarship test for Insta Classes 2022 has been conducted on 12th March 2021.


  1. When & how often is the scholarship test conducted?

Scholarship Test is conducted only once, before admissions.


  1. Can the fees towards Insta Classes be paid in Installments?

No installment facility is provided.


  1. How much of the fee is exempted under Scholarship to Insta classes?

Top 25 Ranks – Complete Scholarship (100% exemption) Rank 26-100 –> 30% discount Rank 101 – 200 –> 20% discount


  1. Does InsightsIAS offer any special discount to Women for subscription to Insta Classes?

Yes, Insights under its banner #Insta Women Empowerment offers 50% discount for all female aspirants who fall in Rank 26 to 100 and 30% discount for all female aspirants who fall in Rank 101 – 200 in the scholarship test conducted for Insta Classes 2022 – (Admissions should be done in Offline mode only).


  1. Can the various discounts offered for Insta Classes be clubbed together?

No. Under no circumstance can the different discounts be clubbed. Only one discount can be applied.


  1. Do the subscribers of Insta Classes get any additional discounts for the Courses & Classes of InsightsIAS conducted in the future?

Upon subscription to Insta Classes 2022, a further discount of 40% will be given for IWIL Mains Test Series 2022 post-prelims (Please note: One set of Mains Test Series is already integrated in the course. ) Apart from the above, for all other courses an old subscriber discount will be offered which will be decided in that particular academic year.


  1. What is the methodology of teaching in Insta Classes for ensuring success in UPSC CSE 2022?

Insta Classes includes guidance for all three stages of the examination- Prelims, Mains and Interview. Insta Classes focuses on establishing strong foundations of Basics, building your analytical skills, solving MCQs, practicing answer writing on the go, interacting with and being mentored by trusted faculty at every step and adapting your preparation to the dynamic nature of the exam.


  1. What do you mean by EQUIP Strategy adopted in INSTACLASSES-2022?

Our unique EQUIP strategy of Insta Classes is built in fundamentals of pedagogy that strives to enable an IAS aspirant to clear all three stages of the examination. EQUIP stands for EXPLAIN: The most complex concepts explained in the most lucid way. QUEST: Regular Small tests to test your knowledge and skills. UNDERSTAND: Helping understand the true demand of the exam. INTERACT: Enhancing the quality of learning. PERFORM: Regular tests upon completion of each subject. EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT: Preparing you for the long audacious journey of the civil service preparation.


  1. How does the Insta Classes & EQUIP Strategy ensure my Prelims Preparation?

Understanding the Basics with the highest level of conceptual clarity. Solving numerous small topic wise MCQs that helps students develop aptitude for solving MCQs. Discussion of previous year papers, important themes and areas asked in prelims will equip you to face the exam with confidence. Also the regular tests conducted after every subject completion will help you ensure your preparation is on track.


  1. How does the Insta Classes & EQUIP Strategy ensure my Mains Preparation?

Insta Classes is designed to make the students write answers in the first half of every class. This helps students to understand the nitty gritties of answer writing. The discussion on that answer will be done by the relevant faculty which helps the students understand the demand of the question, dimensions to be written in the answer and the overall idea of how to structure an answer. Mains Tests will be conducted after every subject completion that helps you write answers under Mains Exam like conditions. Students can get their answers evaluated anytime of the day by their respective faculties, any mentors or Vinay sir himself. Finally the classes and strategy is designed in a way a student learns to start answer writing gradually from the beginning and by the time one writes prelims and hopefully clears, the student has already developed the aptitude for answer writing.


  1. How does the Insta Classes & EQUIP Strategy ensure my Interview Preparation and when does the mock interview session start?

Insta Classes will have multiple sessions taken by Vinay Sir on Personality Development, how to prepare for the interview and so on. Along with that individuals can constantly be interacting with their mentors and Vinay sir who may give valuable feedback about your personality, soft skills and behaviour. Free one on one mocks are also always available to the INSTA students with Vinay SIr. Mock Interview usually starts after the completion of the mains exam.


  1. What is the difference between Insta Classes-Online & Insta Classes-Offline?

The only difference between Online and Offline Classes is that, Offline students will have the opportunity to attend the classes and write tests physically in an exam and learning conducive environment. They will also have physical access to faculties and mentors. Rest ALL the features of Online and Offline are exactly the same.


  1. How are the Insta Classes-Online Conducted?

Access to Insta Courses Student portal will be made available to every student. They can then choose to attend the class either through live stream or watch the recorded video at a later time.


  1. Are the Classes going to be conducted in a live mode or Pre-recorded Videos?

All the classes will be live-streamed. Recorded videos will be available soon after the live-stream ends.


  1. Can I access the classes that had been missed by me?

Yes. Insta Classes comes with a feature of Live and Recorded classes. In case you miss any class, you can always watch the recorded video.


  1. How can I get my doubt cleared in Insta Classes-Online?

Students can clarify their doubts either through instant doubt clearance mechanisms or via a chat box operated by our experts.


  1. Can the Students migrate from Online to Offline mode & Vice-versa without any fees?

Students can switch from Online to Offline mode by paying the balance fee. Switch from Offline to Online mode is not permitted. (Offline students receive all the benefits of online students)


  1. How often can a Student migrate between Insta Classes-Online & Insta Classes-Offline?

Students can switch from Online to Offline mode only once.


  1. Can I transfer my Insta Classes-Offline or online subscription to another student?

No. Such transfers shall not be entertained by InsightsIAS.


  1. Can I transfer my Insta Classes-Offline subscription across the Branches?

As of now, InstaClasses Offline is starting ONLY in the Bangalore branch. Once, the course starts in the Delhi branch as well, such transfers can be facilitated.



  1. What is the fee for the transfer of my Insta Classes-Offline subscription across the branches of InsightsIAS?

Balance fee, if any, will have to be paid depending on prevailing fees at the time.


  1. Can the Insta Classes-Online be accessed with a Laptop, PC, Mobile, and Tablet?

Yes. Insta Classes can be accessed via a laptop, PC, Mobile and Tablet. All you need is a stable internet connection.


  1. Can the Insta Classes-Online be accessed through InsightsIAS Mobile App?

No. InsightsIAS has not launched its official App as yet. We are working on the same.


  1. What are the Optional subjects offered by InsightsIAS under INSTA Optional Classes?

At present we are offering Kannada Literature, Anthropology, PSIR, Geography, Sociology and Public administration.


  1. Does InsightsIAS conduct classes for the Optionals associated with Indian Forest Service (IFS)?

We will be offering optional classes for Forestry and Geology.


  1. Is the fee of the Insta Classes inclusive of the fee for Insta Optional Classes?

No. Optional fees will be separate.


  1. What is the fee, Time table, Date of Commencement, methodology of teaching for Insta Optional Classes?

The dates and fees will be announced shortly. Stay up to date by subscribing to our website


  1. How can I come to know of the commencement of various Insta Optional Classes offered by InsightsIAS?

You can follow our website or telegram for daily updates. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for daily updates on our programs.


  1. For how long/Durations does it take to complete the entire syllabus of Insta Optional Classes?

It varies from optional to optional. But all optionals are covered within 90-120 days.



  1. What will be the duration of Optional Classes done in a day?

3-4 hours depending on the optional subject.


  1. Does Insta Optional Classes provide for the mock Mains tests after completion of every topic in the syllabus?

The subject faculty may choose to provide class tests.


  1. Does InsightsIAS provide all the study materials required for each Optional optional subject upon its subscription under Insta Optional Classes?

Yes. Along with class notes, value addition material is provided.


  1. Will I be getting the recorded videos of Insta Optional Classes? If yes, for how long can I utilise it?

This will be updated once the classes are announced.


  1. Does InsightsIAS provide for Mentorship to optional Subjects upon subscription to Insta Optional Classes?

Yes. The faculties of the optional themselves will be their mentors.


  1. Can I consult InsightsIAS & the faculty of the Optional for any query after the completion of Insta Optional classes?

Yes. You will be a student of InsightsIAS till you clear the exam.


  1. How often are the Prelims & the MAINS Tests conducted in Insta Classes?

We will be conducting a Prelims Revision test (50 MCQs) every Sunday and a Mains Revision test (10 Mains Questions) every alternate sunday/fortnight. Full Length Prelims and Mains Tests will also be conducted after every subject is completed. This is over and above the daily tests conducted by faculty on the basis of what is taught in the previous class.


  1. Will Current Affairs be a part of every test (Prelims and Mains)?

Yes. Current Affairs will be an integral part of every Prelims and Mains test conducted.


  1. How do I take the tests & submit the answer booklets in Insta Classes-Online?

Access to our all new Insta Courses Portal will be made available to you. All Prelims and Mains Tests will have to be attempted on this single portal.



  1. What is Insta Courses Portal? How different is it from

Our All new Insta Courses Portal will host every paid course and initiative of InsightsIAS under a single roof. Live stream/recorded videos of classes, doubt-clearance, study materials, Secure answer review, prelims and mains tests, widest post-test analysis, leaderboard, All India ranking, synopsis, mentorship, success & mindset coach, etc. will all be available at one place for better user experience.


  1. When do I get the test Solutions and Question Paper for MAINS?

Question Papers will be available at sharp 10am of the scheduled date of the test. Synopsis will be uploaded within 48 hours from the scheduled date of the test.


  1. Do I have to take the tests on the scheduled test date?

No. Tests can be taken up at a time and place of the student’s convenience. There is complete flexibility given to students to take up the test at any date after the scheduled date of the test.


  1. Can I retake the Prelims & Mains tests of Insta Classes?

All Prelims Tests will be available for retake 2 month before Prelims 2022. However, Mains tests CAN NOT be submitted again for evaluation.


  1. How long does it take to get the Prelims & the Mains Papers evaluated?

Results are generated immediately for ONLINE Prelims tests. We will take 1 days’ time to generate OFFLINE Prelims test results. Mains Paper evaluation is ensured within 10 days from the date of uploading the written test on the portal.


  1. What are the parameters of evaluation for the Mains Tests of Insta Classes?

The holistic parameters are as follows: General Studies – Clarity of Thought, Content Relevance, Context, and Conceptual clarity, Dimensionality & Interdisciplinary Linkages, Examples & Illustrations, Language Competence, Presentation, Structure and Objectivity. Essay – Introduction: Context & Background, Element of Interest, Outline of Core Argument and Thesis Statement. Body: Coherence, Clarity of thoughts/Concepts, Diversity of Ideas, Linkages between Ideas, Transitions and Connectives, Originality, Reasoning, Arguments, Counter Arguments, Facts/Examples/Illustrations, Persuasion, Objectivity and Subheadings. Conclusion: Reiteration of Main Argument, New Perspective/Insight and Completeness. Ethics – Ethical competence, Objectivity, Pragmatism, Conceptual Clarity, Usage of Ethics Keyword, Application of Ethical Theories, Examples and Illustrations, Presentation, Structure, Dimensions and English Language Competence.


  1. What is the methodology (Detailed analytical Assessments) of evaluations of Prelims papers?

Detailed Analytical Assessments include widest post-test analysis like analysis of strengths, subjects and skills to work upon, question paper analysis based on categories and difficulty level, All India Rank, Your scorecard & Leaderboard, etc.



  1. Is the detailed analytical assessment provided for all the Prelims Test?

Yes. Detailed Analytical Assessment will be provided for all Prelims Tests.


  1. Will I be provided with the recorded videos of Prelims & Mains discussions of Insta Classes?

Yes. Recorded videos of the test discussions will be uploaded on the portal within 48 hours of the scheduled date of the test.


  1. For how long shall the discussion videos be made available in the Insta Classes Student Portal?

The Discussion videos will be available for as long as the course is active.


  1. Who is a Mentor?

At InsightsIAS, each student is allocated a dedicated mentor. Mentor themselves being well experienced in all aspects of UPSC civil service examination, help you understand the nature of the exam and its needs. He/she helps you plan your preparation strategy, and guide you all along your preparation. They are available for your doubts and help you master the skill of answer writing. From choosing study materials to helping you reduce stress, mentors become an integral part of your UPSC journey. At InsightsIAS their job is to push you constantly so that you don’t deviate or lag behind.


  1. Who is a Faculty?

Faculty are the subject experts who teach you in your classroom program. All faculties are vastly experienced and highly knowledgeable.


  1. What is the difference between a Mentor and Faculty?

Faculty teaches a subject in the classroom and they are subject experts in that particular subject. Different subjects have different faculties. Each student is allocated a dedicated mentor to help in their preparation. Mentors stay with the students throughout the course and help them in all subjects, answer writing and strategy.


  1. Are the Mentors & Faculties available in all the branches (Delhi, Bengaluru & Hyderabad) of InsightsIAS at all the time?



  1. How often can I meet a Mentor and the faculty?

You can schedule an appointment with the mentor every week. In case, you want to meet him /her more than once a week, you can do that as well by scheduling an appointment. But it is recommended that you meet mentors at least once a week to have a robust preparation.



  1. Do I get a Personal Mentor to whom I can directly contact? If so, what are the Modes of Contact?

Yes, you can contact the mentor directly. The modes are both online as well as offline. But until the situation from COVID-19 is stabilized, the mode will be online only.


  1. How can I avail Mentorship in the Online Mode?

It is flexible. From phone calls to zoom calls. We adapt according to the comfort of the students. However the slots are to be booked prior.


  1. What if I miss the mentorship slot? Can I rebook it?

Yes. You can book the next available slot. However, it is advised that you do not miss your mentorship session.


  1. Does a mentor cater only to the academics needs of the students?

Mentorship is an intellectual bond between the mentor and the mentee. It is not just academic. They help you adapt and get comfortable. They allay your fears. They try to prepare you for all facets of the examination while ensuring your personality development.


  1. Can I consult the faculty, mentors for any query even after the completion of Insta Classes 2022?

Yes. Mentorship and guidance continues until you clear this examination. Like Hogwarts, help will always be given at InsightsIAS for all deserving candidates.


  1. Who is a Success & Mindset Coach?

Success and mindset coach is someone who helps you to relax and calm your mind from stresses to strengthen mental well-being. This happens through hour long personal counselling and also through general sessions and workshops in the classroom.


  1. How do I benefit from a Success & Mindset coach?

In the course of UPSC Journey, you will have to undergo lots of emotional ups and downs. A success coach helps you cope up to the emotional demands of the examination. They suggest ways to reduce stress, improve focus and help you remain calm during your journey. By reducing your emotional baggage and shielding you from anxiety and stress, you can focus and give your best in the pursuit of your dreams.


  1. How often could I meet her?

You can schedule a session with the success and mindset coach and at the end of the first session they will tell you when to meet again. It varies from a case to case basis.


  1. How can I book an appointment with her?

You can book slots in the portal itself


  1. What is an “Ignite” session conducted by InsightsIAS?

Ignite@Insights is a motivation cum education session conducted on a regular basis to our students. We invite eminent personalities and subject experts to come and share their knowledge and experiences with our students. This will help them in enriching their knowledge and getting to know about the ground realities of administration in the country.


  1. Will the Ignite@Insights sessions be conducted across all branches of InsightsIAS?

It will be conducted at one branch but simultaneously live streamed to others.


  1. How often are the Ignite@Insights sessions conducted?

Sessions are conducted on a very regular basis depending on the availability of the speakers.


  1. Who are the speakers at Ignite@InsightsIAS sessions?

Speakers are various eminent personalities. Former UPSC chairman and members, Retired IAS officers, Former Diplomats, Subject Experts, Panelists of National television as well as educated and reformist politicians etc are invited as speakers.


  1. Who all have graced the Ignite@InsightsIAS sessions in the Past?

Mr. Deepak Gupta IAS, Former UPSC Chairman. Mr. Anil Swarup IAS, Former Coal Secretary of India. Ambassador Sujan R Chinoy IFS, Former Diplomat. Mr Kannan Gopinathan IAS, Mr. O.P Chaudhary IAS, Mr Frank Rausan Perriera, Senior Journalist RSTV and Mr Chetan Pandit, former Member of Central Water Commission have addressed the students and interacted with them.


  1. Can the students (Online & Offline) interact with the speakers of Ignite@InsightsIAS session?

Almost all Ignite@insights sessions are followed by a Q&A session with the speaker. It all depends on the time available with the speaker.


  1. Will the videos of sessions be made available to watch it later?

All sessions are recorded and available on your portal as well as InsightsIAS YouTube channel. You can see the past Ignite@insights sessions in the following link:


  1. Does InsightsIAS provide all the Standard Textbooks & study materials required for UPSC CSE preparations for subscribing to Insta Classes 2021?

No. Standard books are only prescribed to students. No hard copy of standard books will be provided. Qualitative, lucid and succinct study materials will be provided from time to time and in accordance with completion of syllabus and tests.


  1. Is the Insta Classes study Materials different from the free materials provided in the website

Yes. INSTA 30, INSTA BOOSTERS, INSTA VALUE ADDED Material and synopsis of tests are all different from the free material available on our website.


  1. As an INSTA CLASSES subscriber, what advantages do I get over the free Materials of website?

Apart from the free initiatives available on our website, following are materials that will exclusively be available for INSTACLASSES students: INSTA 30 – dedicated prelims-oriented monthly magazine to expedite the revision of monthly current affairs. INSTA BOOSTERS – dedicated prelims-oriented compendium of static syllabus which will be made available 2 months before the prelims. INSTA VALUE ADDED MATERIAL FOR MAINS.


  1. Are the study materials provided in Hard Copy or Soft Copy?

Selective Study Materials are provided in Soft Copy only for Offline students. Online students can access study materials uploaded on respective student portals.


  1. In what all languages are the study materials provided?

Study materials are currently provided in English medium only.


  1. Are the study materials provided in Hard Copy for both the Online & Offline Subscribers of Insta Classes?

Hard Copy of selected study materials will be provided only to Offline students. All Online students can access study materials uploaded on respective student portals.


  1. When does InsightsIAS provide study materials after subscribing to Insta Classes?

Study materials will be provided from time to time and in accordance with completion of syllabus and tests.


  1. What are the necessary precautions taken by InsightsIAS towards its students to ensure safety within its infrastructure?

At all branches of InsightsIAS, the government’s instructions are being followed in letter and spirit. Classrooms and libraries have been closed down until it is safe to resume them. Despite that daily cleaning and sanitising of our premises is being carried out. Social distancing and masks will be made compulsory along with thermal screening when the classes resume.


  1. What are the features of InsightsIAS Classrooms? How are they distinct from the classrooms of other institutes?

InsightsIAS Branches are built with state-of-the-art infrastructure conducive to peaceful and efficient learning. Our classrooms are replete with excellent seating arrangements, LCD monitors for those seated at the back, centralised air conditioner, projectors, advanced microphone system and recording facilities. Staff rooms, designated discussion rooms for students, provision of clean drinking water, clean washrooms are some other features that make us the best.


  1. What is the seating capacity of each of the InsightsIAS classrooms?

The seating capacity of our classrooms is between 250-300. However, we will limit the number of students per batch.


  1. Can I look/ have the preview of InsightsIAS Classrooms?

Yes. Either walk into any of the branches to have a look at the infrastructure we have to offer or log into our website for pictures of the same.


  1. Do I get the free access to Discussions rooms & Study Rooms/Library or any discount in fee as part of subscriptions to Insta Classes 2022?

Designated discussion rooms have been offered to students of InsightsIAS in its Bangalore branch. No special discounts are offered for study room/library membership. However, amidst the high demand for a library/study room seat from a huge number of students, priority will be given to Insights students.


  1. Are the discussion rooms & Study Rooms/Library available in all the centres of InsightsIAS (Delhi, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad)?

Yes. Discussion rooms are available in all three branches of InsightsIAS. Study Rooms/libraries are only available in Bengaluru branch.


  1. What are the charges/ Fees associated with discussion rooms & Study Rooms/Library across the Branches of InsightsIAS?

Approximate fee for Library/Study Room is Rs.1500-1700 per month depending on AC or Non-AC facilities.


  1. How far are the Discussions rooms & Study Rooms/Library rooms from Classroom across the Branches of InsightsIAS?

The Discussion rooms & Study Rooms/ Libraries are mostly in the same building as that of Classroom. Other branches of Libraries are all located within a 200 meters radius of the classroom.


  1. Can a student reserve his/her seat in the Discussions rooms & Study Rooms/Libraries?

Discussion rooms are open to use and attract no fee. Space will be occupied on the basis of first cum first serve. However, students can pay the fee and reserve his/her seat in the Study Rooms/Libraries.


  1. Does InsightsIAS provide any accommodation/Hostel facility for all students of Insta Classes-Offline at all of its branches?

InsightsIAS provides PG facilities ONLY FOR FEMALES. This facility is available ONLY in its Bangalore branch.


  1. What are the charges for accommodation/Hostel facility provided by InsightsIAS?

The charges for the PG facility depends on the type of room selected. Single room, single-sharing,double-sharing, triple-sharing, etc.


  1. How far is the accommodation/Hostel facility provided by InsightsIAS from its Classrooms?

The PG facility at Bangalore is an approximate of 500 meters away from the InsightsIAS branch.


  1. Will the students of Insta Classes be provided with any discount for the accommodation/Hostel facility?

No. There are no special discounts offered. However, amidst the demand for rooms by a large number of students, we will be giving priority to students from InsightsIAS and ensuring a safe and conducive environment to study.


  1. Apart from InsightsIAS accommodation/Hostel facility, can students get accommodation/Hostel/PG/Tenancy facility in the vicinity of Institute?

The areas in which InsightsIAS branches are located in Bangalore, Delhi and Hyderabad are all famous IAS hubs of respective cities. Students should be able to find accommodation easily. Moreover, InsightsIAS will provide students with safe and responsible contact numbers and leads for finding good accommodation.


  1. What are the charges associated with accommodation/Hostel/PG/Tenancy facility in the vicinity of InsightsIAS classrooms across its branches?

Approximate cost of living will be Rs10,000 per month, per student. However, costs will decrease or increase on the basis of the type of room selected for stay.


  1. Will InsightsIAS be held responsible for any of the accommodation/Hostel/PG/Tenancy facility in the vicinity of the Institute apart from any of its own?

No. InsightsIAS takes no responsibility for the safety and security of any student residing in any accommodation apart from its own. However, we provide the leads and contact numbers shared with us by the accommodation owners


  1. How can I receive all the updates regarding the latest developments at InsightsIAS?

You will get Notification Mail if you subscribe to our site Also, you can follow our Social Media Links to get Updates.


  1. Does InsightsIAS have an official Youtube Channel?

Yes. Link:


  1. Does InsightsIAS have an official Facebook Account?

Yes. Link:


  1. Does InsightsIAS have an official Telegram Channel?

Yes. Link:


  1. Does InsightsIAS have an official Twitter handle?

Yes. Link:


  1. Does InsightsIAS have an Official Instagram account?

Yes. Link:


  1. Where do InsightsIAS Headoffice & its branches located?

InsightsIAS has its Offline presence in three important capital cities of our country – Bangalore, Delhi and Hyderabad.

Bangalore – Nanda Ashirwad, 3 Village Hyper Market, complex, Chandra Layout Main Rd, 2nd Block, Dwaraka Nagar, Maruthi Nagar, Attiguppe, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560040

Delhi – B-10, Third Floor, Bada Bazar Road, Opposite Dominos, Old Rajinder nagar, New Delhi – 110060

Hyderabad – #1-1-379/212. Indira Park Main Road, Beside Balaji Darshan, Opposite Victoria Cafe, Near Ashok Nagar Signal, Ashok Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana – 500020


  1. How can I contact InsightsIAS Headoffice & its branches?

Following are the contact numbers of our branches – Bangalore – 7483163074, 9380863034, 6364270311; Delhi – 7303318519, 011-49520205; Hyderabad – 8688512637


  1. What are the working hours of InsightsIAS & Its branches?

InsightsIAS works Monday to Sunday with 10am to 6pm as its official timings.