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[InstaMotivation@9pm] The Story of an Eagle



Once a farmer found an abandoned eagle’s nest and in it was an egg still warm. He took the egg back to his farm and laid it in the nest of one of his hens. The egg hatched and the baby eagle grew up along with the other chickens. It pecked about the farmyard, scrabbling for grain. It spent its life within the yard and rarely looked up. When it was very old, one day it lifted up its head and saw above it a wonderful sight – an eagle soaring high above in the sky. Looking at it, the old creature sighed and said to itself, “If only I’d been born an eagle”.

We are all normal humans. We want to comfort ourselves for failures or poor efforts. We keep saying to ourselves, “My parents are not group A officers, and no one is there in my family to guide me”, “I can’t afford the expensive courses. Hence, i’m failing to understand the subjects comprehensively”, “I come from a rural background. Urban lads are lucky that they have access to resources and faculties”, “I’m from a technical background. Humanities students have better advantage over me”, so on and so forth.

These are all just reasons we search and hold close to satisfy our Ego and Reasoning mind. By telling the same thing to parents, friends and others multiple times, we will also start believing ‘ I’m not an eagle/ not an aspirant with good chances of clearing this exam’. What we say repetitively will enter into our subconscious mind. Things will happen in that direction only. Universe will conspire to help you to become what you crave internally. Hence, be careful in crying about your weaknesses, be mindful before listing your disadvantages, be alert before believing that you are weak in Prelims/ Mains.

Any disadvantages/weaknesses could be overcome through sheer focus and consistent hard work. If you want proof, try to explore the stories of aspirants who fought against all the odds and reached the pinnacle of success. Many have cleared this exam while being a working professional, without any coaching, coming from the rural and humble background. Their only advantage was that they always believed they were born as eagles and would live as eagles – ‘To fly greater heights, to explore new horizons, to live the life they always wanted’.