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Ken-Betwa Interlinking Project Dam

Topics Covered: Conservation related issues.

Ken-Betwa Interlinking Project Dam:


Chief Ministers of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh have signed a historic agreement to implement the Ken Betwa Link Project (KBLP).

 About Ken- Betwa project:

Conceived as a two-part project, this is the country’s first river interlinking project.

It is perceived as a model plan for similar interstate river transfer missions.

  • The project aims to transfer surplus water from the Ken river in MP to Betwa in UP to irrigate the drought-prone Bundelkhand region spread across the districts of two states mainly Jhansi, Banda, Lalitpur and Mahoba districts of UP and Tikamgarh, Panna and Chhatarpur districts of MP.

Key facts:

  1. Ken and Betwa rivers originate in MP and are the tributaries of Yamuna.
  2. Ken meets with Yamuna in Banda district of UP and with Betwa in Hamirpur district of UP.
  3. Rajghat, Paricha and Matatila dams are over Betwa river.
  4. Ken River passes through Panna tiger reserve.

Benefits of interlinking:

  • Enhances water and food security.
  • Proper utilisation of water.
  • Boost to agriculture.
  • Disaster mitigation.
  • Boost to transportation.


Prelims Link:

  1. About the Project.
  2. Ken and Betwa- tributaries and basin states.

Mains Link:

Discuss the significance of the project.

Sources: the Hindu.