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[InstaMotivation@9pm] The Magic Necklace


Sigmund Freud says most of our thoughts, actions and behaviours are being driven by subconscious and unconscious minds. They are being shaped by cumulative childhood experiences, personality traits, instinctive energies and thoughts. They are like the back end logical programs of computer. They are not visible in the front end, but they determine the functionality. Unless and until we reprogram those thoughts, it is very difficult to achieve the desired results. Below is the beautiful fictional story which narrates the concept of reprogramming the subconscious mind.

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A 11 yr old girl was tensed severely inside her room. Books scattered all around her. She had her final exams in few days. She still remembered how the parents meeting went few days back at her school.

Teacher: Sir your daughter is very weak in studies. She forgets everything she learns. If this continues I’m afraid she might fail the upcoming examinations.

The dad however supportive as they always are assured the teacher that his daughter would do well in her upcoming exams.

She didn’t want to disrespect her father’s word. But she also feared what the teacher said might crawl up to be true. A fresh panic gripped her spine. She took one of the scattered books into her cold hands and started reading, in fact memorizing everything. But to her utter shock she would forget everything she learnt. She tried harder, only to receive the same outcome. She carried it for a long time and happened to miss the time which swiftly raced to form 12:05 AM on the clock. Finally she did the only thing that helped her, she cried. Just then a miracle happened, a fairy appeared at her window. She was white as snow with the most beautiful face the girl had ever seen.

Fairy: What happened young one. What troubles you so much this night?

The young girl in her earnest spoke out her emotions to the fairy, her eyes wet all the time.

Fairy: That’s nothing to be worried about dear one, and held out a pretty white necklace. Wear it from now on. It has got all the magic to help you remember everything you read.

The girl who was aghast all the time forced a cute smile for the first time.She was relieved and a fresh confidence raced deep within her. She studied thoroughly for the next leftover days and the magic seemed to work for real. She happened to remember everything she had studied.

Exams were done with and results were announced. To teachers ‘ surprise, the girl did exceptionally well in her examinations. She secretly thanked the fairy, as she would every single night before she went to sleep.

However the night, a fairy appeared at her window again. The girl was strikingly happy and narrated everything that happened. The fairy who was calm until now smiled at the girl’s achievement.

Fairy: Well dear one, it’s time you return back that necklace. You don’t need it anymore.

Girl: I will never remember anything if I give this magical necklace back (she was red with fear)

Fairy: My child, it’s an ordinary necklace. The real magic is you. The necklace was just to restore your faith. It doesn’t have any magic as such. It was you, all this time. When teachers said you tend to forget everything you read, you actually believed them and that belief was what stopped you. All I did was, restore your faith back. Remember this, you’ll never fail as long as you have faith and confidence in yourself