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[InstaMotivation@9pm] And a hundred legs to move! How can I manage!


A centipede walks with a hundred legs. A frog, a philosopher, saw the centipede, he looked and watched and he became very troubled; it is so difficult to walk even with four legs, but this centipede was walking with one hundred legs. This was a miracle! How did the centipede decide which leg to move first, and then which one next and then which one after that? And one hundred legs! So the frog stopped the centipede and asked a question: I am a philosopher and I am puzzled by you. A problem has arisen which I cannot solve.

How do you walk? How do you manage it at all? It seems impossible! The centipede said: I have been walking all my life, but I have not thought about it. Now that you ask, I will think about it and then I will tell you.

For the first time thought entered the centipede’s consciousness. Really, the frog was right – which leg should be moved first? The centipede stood there for a few minutes, couldn’t move, wobbled, and fell down. And he said to the frog: Please don’t ask another centipede this question. I have been walking throughout my life and it was never a problem, and now you have killed me completely! I cannot move. And a hundred legs to move! How can I manage…

UPSC is a big game. You have many things to attend. From CSAT to Optionals, from answer writing to MCQ skills to essay writing, from Daily notes to monthly magazines to revision modules, from class lectures to youtube videos to telegram channel resources, there are a huge number of things which we need our attention. Sometimes, it feels so overwhelming that we tend to break down completely. But, we don’t have to worry about how we are going to achieve all of them. The best way is to start doing one by one thing. How to climb a mountain, step by step. How to get a rank in UPSC, by completing small targets on a day to day basis. When the weather and soil are good, grass grows by itself. When the efforts are in the right direction, miracles will happen.