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Mizoram group seeks asylum for coup-hit Myanmar villagers

Topics Covered: International Ethics.

Mizoram group seeks asylum for coup-hit Myanmar villagers:


Mizoram’s apex students’ body has asked the State government to provide asylum to some villagers in Myanmar affected by the military coup there.

  • The State government has said that asylum would be considered if there was a formal request cleared by the Centre.

Who are seeking asylum?

People belonging to Myanmar’s Chin community were seeking to migrate to Mizoram to escape a military crackdown, primarily because of the Chin National Army (CNA), an extremist group seeking self-determination in Chin State across the border.

  • The Chin community and the Mizos in India belong to the Zo ethnic group, which share the same ancestry.

Asylum, in international law, the protection granted by a state to a foreign citizen against his own state.

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