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[InstaMotivation@9pm] A Monkey  meets the Buddha



[A word about this Initiative: The InstaMotivation initiative is there to make you emotionally stronger, to help you stay connected to the goal, to help you to see some things in a clearer way. Here, stories are being widely used to build the context for the message. Stories and Metaphors are important tools which strike your heart directly. When we have to post motivational articles everyday, we have to pick the stories and anecdotes from the external sources. Not all the stories are factually correct. They need not to be in that way. We urge you to catch the fragrance of the message and move on.

Use this initiative to relax, rejuvenate and recharge yourSelf. Use this initiative to strengthen your will power and crystallise your manifestations. Use this as a pole star in your journey to The Success.]

A monkey came to Buddha, and he was no ordinary monkey. He was a king, a king of monkeys — that means absolutely a monkey.

The monkey said to Buddha, “I would like to become a Buddha.” Buddha said, “I have never heard of anybody having ever become a Buddha while remaining a monkey.

The monkey said, “You don’t know my powers. I am no ordinary monkey. ” No monkey thinks that he is ordinary, all monkeys think that they are extraordinary; that is part of their monkeyness. He said, “I am no ordinary monkey. What are you talking about? I am a king of monkeys.”

So Buddha asked, “What exceptional or extraordinary powers do you have? Can you show me?”

The monkey said, “I can jump to the very end of the world.” He had been jumping all along in the trees. He knew how to jump.

So Buddha said, “Okay. Come onto the palm of my hand and jump to the other end of the world.”

The monkey tried and tried, and he was really a very powerful monkey, a very intense monkey. He went like an arrow, and he went and he went… he went. Months and — the story says — years passed. And then the monkey came to the very end of the world.

He laughed; he said, “Look! The very end!” He looked down. It was an abyss: five pillars were standing there to mark the boundary. Now he had to come back. But how would he prove that he had been to these five pillars? So he pissed near a pillar — a monkey! — to mark it!

Years passed and he came back. When he reached Buddha he said, “I have been to the very end of the world, and I have left a mark.” But Buddha said, “Just look around.”

He had not moved at all. Those five pillars were the five fingers of Buddha. And they were stinking…. He had been there with closed eyes… must have been dreaming.

Dreams about the Goals are good. They give purpose and meaning to our journeys. But wasting time in Daydreaming is bad. If we overdo it, we become disconnected to the present reality. We may not put the efforts required on the path on a day to day basis. Any failures in the REALITY would be a great disappointment for us. Suddenly we become disillusioned. Yes, one day we are going to become a District Collector. But we don’t have to daydream about what and all we are going to become once we get the White Ambassador Car, we don’t have to think how we are going to flash our Bureaucratic powers to our friends and relatives.

One important thing we should keep in mind is we must be clearly aware about our Strengths and Weaknesses. And we have to continuously strive hard to meet the demands of this Exam. Because Success is earned on Day to Day Labour not by a single jump.