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[Insights Secure STHIR– 2021] Mini Secure Revision Test: 20 February 2021

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General Studies – 1


1. Write a short note on Pallava, Chola and Pandyan contributions to arts.(250 words)

Reference: Art and culture by Nitin Singhania


General Studies – 2


2. Mechanisms for devolution of funds to panchayats and municipal bodies from the Fifteenth Finance Commission (FC) could catalyze accountability and effective governance at the grassroots. comment. (250 words)

Reference: Indian Express


3. India’s nutritional shortfalls cannot be addressed solely by the government. In this context analyse the role public-private partnerships for combating nutrition and food security challenges. (250 words)

Reference: Business Line


4. Discuss the features and significance of Juvenile justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act 2015.(250 words)

Reference: Indian Express


General Studies – 3


5. The Himalayas are a divine entity and like its presiding deity, Lord Shiva, it can be both benign and destructive. Immediate regulation of all activities is urgently needed. Critically examine. (250 words)

Reference: Indian Express


6. Kishore, works with an mining company’s on a contract basis at low income and is trustworthy .He has been recommended by local manager to the company to hire him on a permanent basis at the local site , where he currently works, which would be a position of greater responsibility along with a stable income.

During one of the conversation, local manager mentions an incident in the 1980s wherein thousands of birds had died because of a mining blast and other related issues, though at the time no damage was found, and no mention of this was made to the press. When Kishore mentions that the law requires him to report all the issues , local manager reminds him that no harm had been done and reminds him that the company can’t have a person who does not value loyalty and respect confidentiality.  (250 words)

(a) Identify the ethical issues involved in the given case.

(b) What are the options available to Kishore in this situation? Evaluate each of them.


General Studies – 4


7. Discuss the Causes for the decline Of Integrity in civil services. (250 words)

Reference: Ethics by Lexicon Publications

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