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More financial powers for senior officers

Topics Covered: Government policies and interventions for development in various sectors and issues arising out of their design and implementation.

More financial powers for senior officers:


The Cabinet has approved enhanced delegation of financial powers for capital procurement to senior officers below the rank of Vice-Chief of armed forces.


The delegation of power will help in the modernization of Armed forces.

 DAP 2020:

It was unveiled in September 2020.

  • The new policy superseded the Defence Procurement Procedure of 2016 from October 1, 2020.
  • The DAP contains policies and procedures for procurement and acquisition from the capital budget of the MoD in order to modernise the Armed Forces including the Coast Guard.

Highlights of the new policy:

  1. Reservations for Indigenous firms:

The policy reserves several procurement categories for indigenous firms.

DAP 2020 defines an “Indian vendor” as a company that is owned and controlled by resident Indian citizens, with foreign direct investment (FDI) not more than 49 per cent.

  1. New Buy (Global–Manufacture in India) category:

This stipulates indigenisation of at least 50 per cent of the overall contract value of a foreign purchase bought with the intention of subsequently building it in India with technology transfer.

  1. Greater indigenous content:

It promotes greater indigenous content in arms and equipment of the military procures, including equipment manufactured in India under licence. In most acquisition categories, DAP-2020 stipulates 10 per cent higher indigenisation than DPP 2016.

  1. Import embargo list:

The “import embargo list” of 101 items that the government had promulgated has been specifically incorporated into DAP 2020. (An embargo is a government order that restricts commerce with a specified country or the exchange of specific goods.)

  1. Offset liability:

The government has decided not to have an offset clause in procurement of defence equipment if the deal is done through inter-government agreement (IGA), government-to-government or an ab initio single vendor.

  • The offset clause requires a foreign vendor to invest a part of the contract value in India.


Prelims Link:

  1. What is offset liability?
  2. What is Base Control Price?
  3. Is DAP 2020 applicable for Coast Guard?
  4. Dhirendra Singh committee was constituted for?

Mains Link:

Discuss the significance of the policy.

Sources: the Hindu.