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[InstaMotivation@9pm] “ And the Need to Win Drains him of power” — The parables of chuang tsu



When an archer is shooting for fun

He has all his skill.

If he shoots for a brass buckle

He is already nervous.

If he shoots for a prize of gold

He goes blind

Or sees two targets –

He is out of his mind.

His skill has not changed,

But the prize divides him.

He cares, He thinks more of winning

Than of shooting –

And the need to win

Drains him of power.

Being a serious UPSC aspirant, we are neither fighting for Brass nor Gold but for our Dreams. Winning the fight gives the meaning to our life. By succeeding in Prelims, we get an entry pass to the Mains Exam. If we fail in Prelims only, we will be back to square one. We have to start the game all together once again. Hence, UPSC prelims is the high voltage match among all the three rounds. While rounding off the circles in the OMR sheets many thoughts will be running, like “Nobody believes us if we fail in the first stage only”, “Neighbors and relatives might laugh at us for flunking in the 1st round only”,  “Am I so impotent to clear this simple objective exam only? Then am I really capable to clear this UPSC exam ever?”, “this is my DO or DIE situation. I should crack this exam at any cost!”.

The Parables of Chuangtsu is a timeless book of Chinese Philosophy and Literature. The wisdom of this parable is similar to BhagavadGeeta. It says whenever you are playing the game by attaching yourSelf to the results/fruits, you will be tense. Your energy level needs to be free flowing if you have to concentrate and shoot the arrow/ or tick the right bubble on the OMR Sheet. It’s very difficult to work dispassionately. But try atleast everyday as a ritual. Stop identifying yourself with the end goal. Believe in the existential force. Don’t fight for the Brass or Gold or Results, but for the sheer DUTY of your existence on this earth at this point of time. Rest will be taken care of.