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Modi sees ‘andolan jeevi’ and a new kind of ‘FDI’:

Modi sees ‘andolan jeevi’ and a new kind of ‘FDI’:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently coined two terms:

  1. ‘Andolan jeevi’ (professional protesters).
  2. ‘Foreign Destructive Ideology’.

These words were to lampoon the Opposition and certain protesters and foreign individuals who have tweeted in support of the farmers’ agitation.

What did the PM say?

A new kind of FDI had emerged in the country and it was “Foreign Destructive Ideology”. “We need to be more aware to save the country from such an ideology.”


Recently international pop star Rihanna shared a news article of the ongoing farmers agitation on Twitter, asking why it wasn’t discussed enough. This prompted the government to issue a press statement saying it was “unfortunate to see vested interest groups trying to enforce their agenda on these protests, and derail them.”

Sources: the Hindu.