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Govt. draws flak for ‘adversarial’ stance

Govt. draws flak for ‘adversarial’ stance:

  • In an open letter, a group of retired senior civil servants have criticised the Centre’s attitude to the ongoing farm protests as “adversarial and confrontationist”.
  • The Constitutional Conduct Group, which issued the letter, says it believes in impartiality, neutrality and commitment to the Constitution of India.
  • The group has criticised the government for its attempts to polarise the agitation along regional, communal and other lines. Such an approach, it says, can never lead to a solution.

The letter raised several questions regarding the events of January 26:

  1. Why Delhi Police erected barricades on the agreed route, forcing them into deviations.
  2. Why the police failed to prevent the hoisting of flags at Red Fort and whether action has been taken against those in the Delhi Police, and Home and Defence Ministries for dereliction of duty.
  3. Why the media did not cover the majority of farmers who held a peaceful parade.
  4. Why the police had not immediately intervened when “a few hooligans” attacked protesting farmers at the Singhu border site.