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[InstaMotivation@9pm] [Book Review] “The First and Last Freedom” by J Krishnamurthy


Like The Prophet of Kahlil Gibran, like War and Peace of Leo Tolstoy, like The Book of Mirdad by Mikhail Naimy, like Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky,  “The First and Last Freedom” is the Masterpiece of J Krishnamurthy. 

Socrates gives you logical reasonings. He tries to convince you. Pythagoras gives you the maxims. Either you have to accept or reject. But JK will hold your hand and take you through the Quest process. He just brings light into your life. He says to neither accept nor reject his ideas, but to examine deeply. He wants you to come out from all the conditionings of Society, dogmas of religions, and limitations of self. As you read through the pages of this book, you will start seeing life from a newer perspective. It is a way of Freedom from our old pattern of thinking.

J Krishnamurthy was one of the finest thinkers of the 20th Century. He had a worldwide following. Initially, Annie Besant picked him from the small town when he was just around 9 to 10 years old. She thought JK would lead the Theosophical Movement in a much bigger way. She groomed the JK in all possible ways. But in the 1930s, JK rebelled against all the established religions/ philosophies, including Theosophical society. He started searching Truth in his own ways.

This book demands a lot of attention. It is a slow book. But you will evolve with every chapter. It helps to build resilience to face failures and success with equanimity. Your identity with the world will change. It helps you to reduce the avoidable errors we make in life. It helps you to succeed in Life in some ways.