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[InstaMotivation@9pm] [BookReview] The GOLDEN VERSES of Pythagoras



Pythagoras is one of the less decorated figures of the ancient Greek world. We know more about the life and teachings of Socrates. It is due to his disciples and lineage. Socrates tries to persuade you through his logical and rational arguments. He takes you through various metaphors. His rhetoric is very much appealing. You will fall for his ability to put forward the concepts. But Pythagoras is a mathematician. He will crystallize and condense the complex concepts into formulae and short statements. It is up to your capability to test, accept and implement in your life. He is more concerned about finding ultimate truth than convincing peers. Sadly, he didn’t find pupils like Plato and Xenophon. His works didn’t find the recognition in Western Philosophy, as much as it deserved.

The Golden Verse of the Pythagoras was found and published around the 5th century CE. It is a short book. It is a compilation of around 71 statements. It covers various topics from public life to private conduct to moral exhortations. They appear crude and simple. But they are timeless. They contain the core truth. You can keep them as Maxims for your life. They appear like polestars to guide you in the darkness. Check all, keep a few of them close to your heart if you could relate to them.

Excerpts from the Book:

  1. a) But above all things respect yourself.

  2. b) Of all the rest of mankind, make him your friend who distinguishes himself by his virtue.

  3. c) Do nothing evil, neither in the presence of others nor privately;

  4. d) There are many sorts of reasonings among men, good and bad;

  5. e) Do not admire them too easily, nor reject them.

  6. f) In no way neglect the health of your body;

  7. g) But give it drink and food in due measure, and also the exercise of which it needs.

  8. h) Now by measure I mean what will not discomfort you.

  9. i) Accustom yourself to a way of living that is neat and decent without luxury.