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[InstaMotivation@9pm] Give The Dog A Good Beating At Times


There was a man who had a pet dog. He used to caress it, carry it about in his arms, play with it and kiss it. A wise man, seeing this foolish behaviour of his, warned him not to lavish such affection on a dog. For it was, after all, an irrational brute, and might bite him one day. The owner took the warning to heart and started putting the dog away from his arms, resolved never again to fondle it or to caress it. But the animal could not first understand the change in his master and would run to him frequently to be taken up and caressed. Beaten several times, the dog, at last, ceased to trouble his master any more.

Such indeed is everybody’s condition. The dog you have been cherishing (i.e., lust) so long in your bosom will not easily leave you, though you may wish to be rid of it. However, there is no harm in it. Do not caress the dog any more, but give it a good beating whenever it approaches you to be fondled, and in course of time, you will be altogether free from its importunities.

–         From Sri Ramakrishna’s parables.

We don’t have to become saints. Lust, Sensual pleasures and biological needs are all-natural. We have to accept and live with it. But they should not consume our psychic energy and mental concentration away from the goal. UPSC demands complete dedication. You have to surrender yourself 100%. Even a 0.1% of impurity in the purpose may delay or deny the success. When lust enters our mind, our mind may drift into another direction. Buddha says when you are drunken with lust, your perception of the things will be like seeing the bottom of the vessel filled with turmeric water. Everything appears coloured. Clarity of thoughts will be dimmed.

You just have to clear this one worldly exam. Use your intellectual capability to the fullest. Use every ounce of vital energy for this one goal. You will soon reach THE peak. You can retreat in a much glorious way when you climb to the peak. Succumbing to the short term worldly pleasures is the trait of common souls. You have challenged the society that you will strive for the excellence, that you fly higher than what is needed normally for worldly living. You are going to take a big leap of jump in life. You are going to achieve the success which will set many things right in you and in your family members’ life. Hence, postpone the few pleasures for short time. Whenever the dog comes near to you for getting caress and fondle, you need to give the dog a good beating at times.