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Panel to study NFHS-5 findings

Topics covered: Issues relating to development and management of Social Sector/Services relating to Health, Education, Human Resources.

Panel to study NFHS-5 findings


The Health and Family Welfare Ministry has set up a technical expert group to examine the adverse findings from the National Family Health Survey-5.

About the committee:

The committee is chaired by Joint Secretary Preeti Pant and includes experts from medicine and nutrition.


To recommend programmatic and policy interventions to improve” indicators pertaining to malnutrition, stunting, anaemia, and C-section.

Findings of NFHS 5

The survey provides data of States and UTs on over 130 parameters. On various parameters, major number of states have worsened over the last round of survey (NFHS 4 – 2015-16).

  • The children born between 2014 and 2019 are more malnourished than the previous generation.
  • Infant and child mortality declined in most of the Indian states.
  • Sikkim, Assam, Goa and Jammu & Kashmir witnessed a steep decline in Neonatal Mortality Rate (NMR), Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) and Under-Five Mortality Rate (U5MR).
  • Meghalaya, Manipur and Andaman & Nicobar Island reported increase in all the three categories of child mortality – NMR, IMR and U5MR.
  • Among all the surveyed states and UTs, Bihar displayed the highest prevalence in Infant and child mortality in all three categories, while the lowest death rate was reported in Kerala.

Significance of NFHS 5 Results

Massive increase in child malnutrition and rising levels of anaemia in women and pregnant ladies clearly imply that the children born during 2015-2019 might be suffering from deficiencies.

Though India displayed improvement in child malnutrition between NFHS 3 (2005-06) and NFHS 4 (2015-16), the nation has now taken U-turn for the worse in terms of malnutrition among children, as per the NFHS 5 results.


Prelims Link:

  1. Key findings of NFHS-5.
  2. Panel to study NFHS-5 findings.
  3. What is NFHS?
  4. Who conducts the NFHS?

Mains links:

Though India displayed improvement in child malnutrition in earlier surveys the nation has now taken U-turn for the worse in terms of malnutrition among children. Discuss.

Source: The Hindu