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[InstaMotivation@9pm] If you’re writing CSE Mains-2020!

CSE-2020 Mains

The year 2020 was really tough. Especially for UPSC aspirants, it affected severely. Mode of Classes and Tests changed. The library rooms got closed. Our peer groups got disconnected. Prelims date postponed for the uncertain date. And most importantly, there was a question of Survival. We had to worry about the lives of closed ones. This uncertain scenario pushed many faint-hearted fighters to give up their sword on the battlefield.

CSE-2020 Prelims not only tested the subject knowledge and MCQ skills but the ability of aspirants to persevere in the uncertain times, the trait to stay positive when everything around goes negative, the personality which sees opportunities in the problems. 

 You faced the odds with a brave face. You believed in the process. Your yearlong sincere efforts have won you this opportunity to write the Mains. Also, the existence was kind enough towards you to build a favourable 2 + 2 hours on the prelims day. If you are writing CSE-2020 Mains, feel blessed. Not many get this opportunity.

Secondly, as you start writing the answers on the Mains day, knowledge starts flowing from the subconscious level. The cumulative efforts of your preparation will be reflected on the Mains answer sheets. Your last minute revisions, last day’s struggle to cover the left-out chapters won’t help you. In fact, it agitates your mind. Only a peaceful yet focussed mind can help you to win this marathon of morning & afternoon wars.

Most importantly, take the blessings of your parents. Sit with your mother on Pooja hall for a few minutes. Pray the God sincerely. Definitely, the existential force will help you in Mains also. Your parents’ blessings and prayers will act as a Kavach for you throughout this Exam process. It protects you from any negative thoughts or downward pulling force. It will help you beyond any logical thoughts. Definitely, you will be able to present all your hard work on the answer sheet. You will be in the best form. 

Of course, InsightsIAS family will be there with you as a sincere well-wisher wishing you a great success on this weeklong battle. 

If you are writing CSE-2020 mains, feel blessed. Write the exam with gratefulness. Success will happen for sure.