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Asian Waterbird Census

Topics Covered: Biodiversity.

Asian Waterbird Census:


The two-day Asian Waterbird Census-2020 commenced in Andhra Pradesh.

About AWC:

  • Asian Waterbird Census is an annual event in which thousands of volunteers across Asia and Australasia count waterbirds in the wetlands of their country.
  • This event happens every January.
  • This event is coordinated by wetlands International and forms part of global waterbird monitoring programme called the International Waterbird Census (IWC).
  • It was started in the year 1987.
  • Its main focus is to monitor the status of waterbirds and the wetlands.
  • In India, the AWC is annually coordinated by the Bombay Natural history Society (BNHS) and Wetlands International.

What are waterbirds?

According to Wetlands International (WI), waterbirds are defined as species of birds that are ecologically dependent on wetlands. These birds are considered to be an important health indicator of wetlands of a region.

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