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[InstaMotivation@9pm] Start the New Year-2021 with HOPE


The “HOPE” Experiment :

During a brutal study at Harvard in the 1950s, Dr Curt Richter placed rats in a pool of water to test how long they could tread water.

On average they’d give up and sink after 15 minutes.

But right before they gave up due to exhaustion, the researchers would pluck them out, dry them off, let them rest for a few minutes – and put them back in for a second round.

In this second try – how long do you think they lasted?

Remember – they had just swum until failure only a few short minutes ago…

How long do you think?

Another 15 minutes?

10 minutes?

5 minutes?


60 hours!

That’s not an error.

That’s right! 60 hours of swimming.

The conclusion drawn was that since the rats BELIEVED that they would eventually be rescued, they could push their bodies way past what they previously thought impossible.

All our fatigue, low mood, poor concentration, overwork-burnout are all just our Mental Phenomenons. We lose the battle not because our enemy is strong nor because we are weak. It is we lose the confidence inside our mind. We start believing that ‘we are far behind the goal’,  ‘howsoever efforts we make we are not going to win’. 

The only antidote to negative thoughts is HOPE. Try to believe a Miracle is going to happen in your life in 2021. The circle of Karma is going to be traversed fully. All your sincere efforts will be rewarded by the existential force. Your parents’ blessings will take you to the podium of success. All your strugglings, sacrifices, and dedication happened for this exam will get a logical conclusion. Most importantly, you will evolve as a mature, more responsible and a learned person in the year 2021. 

Hope for the Miracle. Keep swimming till the end.

Wish you a Happy New Year 2021.