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[InstaMotivation@9pm] What do you learn from Aesop?


Aesop is the greatest storyteller in human history. His analogies are simpler but contain deeper meanings. We have grown up reading his moral stories. Recollecting and reading them at this stage may give us a new perspective on life.

Once he was moving out from his city of Athens to Argos. He met a man who was coming from Argos. They talked. 

The man from Argos asked Aesop, “You are coming from Athens. Please tell me something about the people there: what manner of men they are, what they are like.” 

Aesop asked the man, “First you tell me what type of people are there in Argos.” 

The man said, “Very disgusting, nauseating, violent, quarrelsome.” And all these qualities flashed on the face of the man. 

Aesop said, “I am sorry. You will find the people of Athens just the same.” 

Later on, he met another man who was also from Argos, and he also asked the same question: “You are coming from Athens and you have lived your whole life there — what manner of men are they there? What are they like?” 

And Aesop again asked, “First tell me what manner of men are there in Argos.” 

And the man became aflame with nostalgia… a very loving memory of the people of Argos. His face shone, and he said, “Delightful, friendly, kind, and good neighbours.” 

Aesop said, “I am happy to tell you that you will find the people of Athens just the same.”


The whole external world is just a reflection of our internal world. In this preparation phase, our perception about our family members, neighbours, friends and society matters a lot. A negative evaluation creates an ill-will, doubt, and sloth-torpor inside us. It continuously agitates us. We create a negative atmosphere. It consistently pulls our energy down.

Hence, try to see some positivity in every situation. Start identifying the positive traits in other’s personalities. Don’t hesitate to give some appreciations to your mother for making good dinner, or express the words of gratitude to your father for his dedication to the family or just say to your peer,  ‘you have good handwriting buddy’, or ‘your notes are well organised’. Or just press a like button or appreciation comment when you see a good answer in online initiatives. Aesop says it is in your hand to make your life beautiful, pleasant and kind.

By the way, what do you learn from Aesop tonight?