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Telangana withdraws regulated farming

Topics Covered: Major crops cropping patterns in various parts of the country, different types of irrigation and irrigation systems storage, transport and marketing of agricultural produce and issues and related constraints; e-technology in the aid of farmers.

Telangana withdraws regulated farming:


The Telangana government has withdrawn regulated farming, introduced in the last agricultural season to discourage maize and promote fine variety of paddy, pulses and oilseeds for reasons of demand in the market.

  • The government has also decided not to purchase produce on its own from farmers in their villages. Now, the farmers can sell their produce wherever they fetched a good price.

Rationale behind the move:

It was not possible for the government to purchase or sell farmers’ produce as it was not into merchandise.

All you need to know about Telangana’s regulated farming policy:

The move was aimed at making agriculture a more profitable venture through scientific cultivation based on market demands.

  • Under the policy, the government would guide farmers on what crops should be cultivated in which area and to what extent.
  • The State government would extend Rythu Bandhu benefits and ensure MSP only to farmers who follow the directions of the State government.

What is the Rythu Bandhu?

Rythu Bandhu scheme also Farmer’s Investment Support Scheme (FISS) is a welfare program to support farmer’s investment for two crops a year by the Government of Telangana.

  • The scheme is meant to incentivise the state’s farmers for their day to day work.
  • Under the scheme, almost 58.33 lakh farmers of Telangana state are provided Rs 4000 per acre, per season (crop-sowing) – to support the farm investment twice a year (total Rs 8,000), for both – the Rabi and the Kharif seasons.
  • The purpose behind the scheme was to break the vicious cycle of rural indebtedness.

Who qualifies under the Rythu Bandhu scheme?

  1. To apply under the scheme and to make the cut, the farmer should have been a resident of Telangana state and must own farming land.
  2. The scheme is applicable for small and marginal farmers; however, commercial farmers are excluded from the scheme.
  3. Also, farmers who till rented land are excluded from under this scheme.

Currently, more than 8 lakh farmers in Telangana enjoy the benefits of the Rythu Bandhu scheme.

Sources: the Hindu.