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[InstaMotivation@9pm] Ace this Exam by Getting Clarity on the Process



Being a UPSC aspirant, we have to study-practice-revise hundreds of topics. Some are your strengths, some are weak areas for many months (CSAT). At some places, we need to attend classes, or collect resources, or need to do answer writing practice. Also, being at the age of twenties, we have issues like finance, work-family-friends-relationship issues. These are lying as unattended, unresolved and blurred issues for a long time. They seek our attention and pull our energy when we are studying. They impact our memory too.

 Along with the subject knowledge and analytical skills, UPSC tests our concentration ability to retrieve the info accurately. In the Prelims, you need to clearly identify the neighbors of Lebanon, or the year of Montagu declaration or the minute differences between various Environment related Conventions. In the Mains, you need to provide the sharp and fine arguments with relevant examples. All these activities should happen in a small time frame. Here, a person who has higher clarity will have an edge over others. It reduces stress and anxiety. You can control the process in a commanding way. Clarity helps us to focus, to take action, to feel energized.

But how to get Clarity?

Resolution: You should understand the power of clarity. You should firmly resolve to put efforts daily to get clarity in your mind.  

Journaling: Throughout the process, you will undergo many peaks and valleys. Try to note down your feelings, thoughts, ideas and opinions. Over time, you can see your thought patterns. It helps you to develop self-awareness. Also, make Journal as your best friend at the end of the day. Tell your heart out to it. It won’t interfere with you when you’re expressing. For inspiration, you can read ‘the diary of Anne Frank’ book.

Meditate: Meditation is being regarded as a great tool for the contemplation. It normalises the windy thought pattern. Choose any suitable method and make it as a daily routine of your UPSC preparation.

Discuss with others: Sometimes we will be holding one issue and running from poles to poles. It appears to be unresolvable. But when you discuss with others, they may give you a simple yet effective solution. Try to speak with your sincere people like Father, Mother, Siblings, close friends or Mentors. 

Take some actions: some stuff needs to DO. Without DOing it, we can’t get an idea of that activity. If you’re unsure of the benefits of joining online classes, ask for some demo classes. If it works for you well, then join it. If you’re weak about your Optionals, or Prelims, keep giving Mocks. You will understand many things about your state of preparation.

Choose some place and time: If you’re feeling overwhelmed anytime, just pause for a few minutes or a few hours. Sit silently. Just reflect on the things which come first into your mind. Go to the source of the problem and see the possible solutions.

 A mere hard work won’t help here. You need to be an efficient fighter. You must know your strengths and weaknesses. You should fight with whatever you have in you. You must put efforts everyday to prepare yourself comprehensively. Getting Clarity will help you to succeed with less errors. Because, you have to win this battle.