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[InstaMotivation@9pm] How to do Big things in a small time?



Every serious aspirant is running short of the time. She has to attend daily online classes, make notes in between, read newspapers & Daily current affairs, go through value added materials such as Mind Maps-Editorials-RSTV summaries etc, she has to complete 30 MCQs and 3 to 4 mains answers, weekly Tests & Essays. It’s a fully loaded tight schedule.

But even after studying for 12 to 14 hours a day, she struggles hard to gain control over the process. It makes her think, ‘am I going in the right direction?’, ‘How are toppers different from us?’, ‘What am I missing and what more should I do?’. So the question is how can we clear the upcoming exam with the available time?

First things first, every aspirant has the same 24 hours as we are getting. Right planning and strategic execution determines the success of aspirants in this Exam. Lets identify few areas where we can improve:

  1. Prioritization: You don’t have to study every compilation-topics-questions-etc under the sun. When you are going through the daily current affairs or any resources, you should be able to identify the core topics and give less importance to the secondary topics. This skill comes when you extensively solve the Previous year question papers. Complete the Core->Primary->Secondary->Tertiary topics on priority basis.
  2. Less resources and More revisions: Smartly select the resources and put them in your revision schedule.
  3. Study with full attention and less distractions: Break your day into multiple sessions and put your social media and attention seeking apps in flight-mode.
  4. Consistency: It’s not about studying 14 hours for a few days and becoming unproductive for many days. If you could afford 8 to 10 productive hours everyday, it would be a great investment in the long run.
  5. Smart Techniques: Adopt strategies such as Mnemonics and Mind Maps intensively. There are many inspiring stories who got an edge over others by using these techniques. Manish Kumar (Rank 61, CSE 2017)
  6. Seek help:  When you feel stuck and not moving in the right direction, feel free to seek the help with Mentors, friends and well wishers. They may not solve your problem, but they may give new perspectives.

You might be well aware about the above points. But reading here may give you a new push and insight into your long and arduous journey. Our effort here is to push you a step towards success everyday. Because, like your parents, we also want you to succeed in this exam and start serving the nation as soon as possible.