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[InstaMotivation] The Magical Power of Fresh Start

Sometimes we feel stuck in this process. We struggle hard to complete some chapters of Optional subjects, or our Mock Tests are ending with much below the average scores, or we are missing the targets regularly. The vicious cycle of Poor performance and Frustration creates a lot of stress in our mind. 

Rather than pushing much harder in that negative phase, try to completely PAUSE the preparation for a few days. Don’t open any UPSC books nor any readings. Just take good naps, feel the freedom of being within self. Have good food. Help your mother in the kitchen. Go for a walk with your father. Take refuge within the family. Feel the blessings and prayers of your parents for this Maha-Yajna. In this world, they are the only one who are praying day and night for your well being and success.

Also talk with your old friends. Watch one or two good movies. If possible go for a swim or a local trekking. Feel the breeze and sun. Go to Terrace and sleep under the open sky. Let your mind unwind for 3 to 4 days. Let your body take some rest from the high voltage 12 hours daily studying timetable.

As the relaxation rejuvenates your body and mind, a new kind of soothing and comfort will descend on you. You will gain a new perspective for the upcoming tasks. It enables you to strategize the upcoming exam with renewed vigor and valor. 

Once you are recharged, start your journey from the fresh start. Disconnect from the past failures. Start writing your story of success from the Clean Slate. 

You have sufficient time for the next Prelims and Mains. You have more than sufficient intellectual ability to clear this competitive exam. You have a very good chance to enter into the Indian Civil Service. The only requirement is your willpower to achieve what you want in life.