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[InstaMotivation] How to achieve anything you want in life?

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Once you clear the UPSC Civil Service Exam, you will be provided with multiple responsibilities. You will have to manage huge funds, motivate and handle the big staff, change the behaviour of various social groups, plan the long term strategies, execute the immediate requirements, do the fire-fighting works, and what nots. 

For all these responsibilities, there is only one core personality trait which determines success, that is will-power. When you have stronger will-power, you can easily visualise the path of hardwork and you will be much equipped to reach the peak of Everest no matter what. 

Will power doesn’t come through mere repetition of words mentally or orally. You should start setting the targets and achieve them in multiple numbers frequently. Rather setting larger targets which have multiple external dynamics, set the small tiny targets which you can complete through your sheer hard work. 

When you see the Mains Questions everyday in STHIR-2021 (Secure), you should resolve to write at least 2 to 3 Qns and complete them in a set time. Resolve to sit for 1 hour without touching the mobile. Put such Flight mode sessions multiple times in a day. You will evolve as a less distracted person. Resolve to do 10 push ups and 10 sit ups between the study sessions. You will evolve as a physically stronger person. If you can practice self-discipline today, handling tough challenges as a civil servant will not be that difficult. 

Resolve to drink 4 litres of water per day; resolve to have junk food and caffeine free day per week. You will evolve as a healthy person. Resolve to solve 50 MCQs per day no matter what. You will gain command over the Prelims. Resolve to read 2 chapters of Gandhiji’s Autobiography or good literature everyday. You will evolve as an ethical and thinking individual. 

Take small resolutions. Achieve them no matter what. Don’t be cynical. Do it now. Start immediately. Whatever targets you set yesterday, or this morning – fulfill them and then go to sleep. 

 The moment you have control over your thoughts and actions, no force can stop you from achieving whatever you want. Take risks boldly. Be fearless. Bring discipline into your preparation. Don’t be afraid to commit mistakes. Don’t let pursuit of perfection stop you from achieving daily targets.

As you start succeeding in these small but crucial steps, an aura of self confidence will develop around you. You will take any projects and achieve it no matter what. You will be a model bureaucrat and asset to the nation.